Wednesday 14 December 2022

My 2022 travel round up!

I'm posting an overall 'year in review' from 2022 but I wanted to share a specific round up of all the travelling I've done this year; I didn't think it was going to be such a good travel year but it really has worked out so well. I don't take these opportunities for granted and I know I'm so lucky to have experienced so many wonderful things and places. Without further ado, here's a look back at my 2022 travels...

Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife: January 2022

This was a relaxing pool holiday with my bestie, Mollie, and even though it rained most days we had such a fab time. We made friends with a lovely family from Scotland, drank so much watered down vodka, went out for shisha, went up a mountain, visited a botanical gardens, went to a shopping mall, tried & failed to find iced coffee and made some lovely memories. Puerto is such a beautiful part of Tenerife, definitely a slower pace than other areas but there is still plenty to see/do and I'm dying to go back at some point when it's not raining all the time... Holiday rating: 9/10

Hamburg, Germany: April 2022

I woke up on the day I was travelling to Hamburg so poorly. The journey was horrendous, and by the time we got there and got settled I just wanted to sleep - so I did, for around 14 hours. But the rest of the trip was okay, I didn't *love* Hamburg but I definitely saw some cool things; St Pauli is an interesting area (a bit like Blackpool on steroids) and you can also get a train around an hour away to a gorgeous chocolate box town called Stade. We also went to Kiel on the train, to go to a German football game, which was a great experience. Holiday rating: 5/10 

Poznan, Poland: July 2022

I was going through such a rubbish time in June that I decided to book myself a solo trip, with my laptop, to go and work remotely somewhere other than my hometown. My original plans were to fly to Switzerland and spend a week just over the border in France, and I was sooooo excited to see some new places. But it wasn't to be and my flights got cancelled with no viable alternative so I booked a week in Poznan instead - I was so thrilled to work with Novotel and stay in their Poznan hotel. I had the absolute best week ever, getting some work done as well as visiting the croissant museum, going to a football game, taking a day trip to Bydgoszcz, exploring the green spaces across the city and eating some fantastic food. LOVED it. Holiday rating: 9/10

Idyllic Italia cruise: September-October 2022

This one came really out of the blue, but I did have a cruise on my 2022 vision board so maybe ~manifesting~ works after all? My aunty wanted to go on holiday but didn't want to go alone so she invited me, and of course a cruise was a must. It was our 4th cruise together, but my first in over 10 years, and it was amazing. Marella are such an amazing cruise line, and we visited Valletta, Messina, Naples and Rome over the course of a week with 2 whole days at sea too. From good food to interesting locations to fantastic entertainment, you just can't beat a cruise. Holiday rating: 9/10

Milan, Italy: October 2022

I seemed to spend a lot of time in Italy this year, which was unintentional but fantastic. Me and Mollie booked a cheap trip to Milan, paid it off over a few months and then off we went - but at the airport, we had a nightmare and realised our hotel was actually nowhere near Milan. This meant we had to get a random airport hotel when we landed, get a bus, two trains & a taxi to our actual hotel the next day, and then spend each day of the trip praying for Ubers to pick us up (from our roadside motel) and take us to the station so we could actually go to Milan. Other than that we had a fab time - it's such a gorgeous and glamorous city with soooo much to do, and we did a day trip to Lake Como/Bellagio/Lugano too which was utterly spectacular. Holiday rating: 7.5/10

Llangollen, Wales: November 2022

I grew up visiting Llangollen and when my girlfriend had a few days off, we decided to take ourselves away on a little UK mini break - and it was glorious. From where we live it was a taxi, train and then a bus door to door, so super easy for two idiots who don't drive, and we'd found a little cottage on which looked out across the train station and river. We spent our days mooching around town, visiting local landmarks, eating good food and sheltering from torrential rain. It was amazing and we'll be heading back next year for sure! Holiday rating: 10/10

Where have you been in 2022? What are your 2023 travel plans? Tell meeeee!

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