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If you've clicked onto this page, I assume you're a brand who wants to work with me on my blog - which is absolutely lovely, so first of all cheers for that. Here's a brief outline of what I offer in terms of brand relationships on The Lilac Scrapbook...
- Product reviews: skincare, make up, tech, books, fashion, accessories, homeware, food.
- Experience reviews: hotels stays, restaurants, transport, 'things to do'.
- Press trips, both in the UK and abroad.
- Sponsored posts: wishlists, ad campaigns, social media posts.
- Link insertion (negotiable).
- Guest posts on your company's blog or website.
- Sidebar advertisements on my blog.

My blog gets on average 7,000 views every month, and I have over 14k social media followers with a reach that extends far beyond that number. In the past I have worked with some incredible brands and companies such as Manchester Airport, L'Oreal, Panasonic, Flibco, McDonalds, the Brussels tourist board, Magnitone, World Duty Free, Tropic and many more.

Please get in touch for more info! My email is < I'll get back to you fairly quickly, because I'm a ~millennial~ and check my emails about 72 times per day.

Photo by Han

I'm on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest if you want to follow me on any of those, but I look forward to hearing from you if you do want to work with me!

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