Monday, 11 November 2019

New in: a haul

It's been a while since I did a round up of the things I've bought or been sent recently, but if you're nosy like me then I know you probably enjoy this kind of post. I've got my hands on some good stuff recently, so here it is. Some of these items have been sent to me by brands and PRs, which you'll know because I'll put a * next to them.


I was placing an order on The Works to get my gran some books for her birthday, because she reads a  LOT of books, and I couldn't resist treating myself too. I picked up three of Holly Bourne's YA novels: Are We All Lemmings & Snowflakes?, It Only Happens in the Movies, and How Hard Can Love Be? They all sound so good, and I bloody love YA. I got the three of them for a fiver, which you can't complain about can you? I also got sent Gone by Leona Deakin, The Christmas Holiday* by Sophie Claire and The Christmas Invitation* by Trisha Ashley.


The Body Shop have recently released their Christmas gifting range, and I popped in to see it ahead of a blogger event they were hosting one evening. I couldn't make the event, but did come away with a gorgeous Warm Vanilla shower gel* which I can't wait to start using. The same day, I picked up some microfibre cloths from Primark (5 for £1.50) as that's what I use to take my make up off with a cream/balm cleanser. I needed some new ones and these were just a bit nicer than the plain ones you get in Poundland!

I was also sent the Redken Diamond Oil*, which I utterly adore and have reviewed previously here. It's such a fancy bottle and the product inside is absolutely BRILLIANT. So excited to have my hands on this again. You can buy it here, if you fancy trying it out.

Not sure if this counts as a beauty, really, but I treated myself to the Soph x Skinny Dip make up bag. I got the clear one with the blue marble patterning, and even though I think £15 is a bit much for a make up bag I did need a sturdy clear bag for hand luggage only travel. I have three trips coming up where I'm only taking a cabin bag, so it was a necessity really as those ones you get with the clear bottles in never last! Updating this to say I took this through in my hand luggage en route to Wroclaw and back, and it was absolutely FINE.


Ahead of winter and my upcoming trips to exceptionally cold places, I got a new fleece*! It's from Tog24 and it's pale pink, and it's sooooo cosy I can't even tell you. Can we make fleeces in again? They're just the most comfortable thing ever, and mine is so oversized and lovely it's going to be perfect for lounging around the house or going for long walks.

I also ordered a new Mickey Mouse phone case from Skinny Dip when I got the make up bag - it was £4.50 in the sale and I really needed a new one. For a good quality Disney-themed phone case, the price was too good to say no. It's so cute!

So that's everything I've got my hands on lately - what's new in your life?

Monday, 4 November 2019

Beauty empties

I used to do these posts every so often, quite a few years ago now - but it's been a while. I do often share #instaempties on my Instagram stories one at a time, but I had multiple products that ran out at the same time (typical) and thought I'd throw them into a blog post instead. So here's a bunch of beauty products that I've used up, and what I thought about them.

Redken Diamond Oil*

Oh my god I'm obsessed with this. I've had it for years - it was sent to me ages ago, and I reviewed it HERE then. It leaves my hair feeling soft and sleek, less frizzy than normal, without the need for heat or extensive styling. I'm so lucky to have been sent another bottle because the team at Redken are amazing, and when this runs out it'll be straight in my online shopping basket! get it here

Bonté body lotion

I don't actually use body butter or body lotion very often, because I can't really be bothered. But I do like this for a good old back rub - it doesn't sink in too fast and it's thin without being drippy. Plus the scent of this is honestly to die for. You can only really get this in Spain as far as I know, but if you do see it then pick it up.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Treasure Conditioner

For a conditioner you can readily pick up in the supermarket, this is so decent - it smells lush, leaves my hair feeling nice and soft, and you don't need too much of it. There's not much else to say, really! get it here

Pixi Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel*

I love the Pixi Glow range - to be honest, I love most of their skincare products. This is such an easy second-cleanse, or one I use in the morning. It leaves my face feeling SO fresh, doesn't make it all red and blotchy like some cleansers do, and it has a lovely smell too. I'll definitely be repurchasing this one! get it here

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream*

This is another product I've had for years. It's such a gorgeous moisturiser, so thick and sinks in quickly without being greasy. It doesn't irritate my skin or cause me to break out, and while it might be expensive I do think it actually could be worth the money. get it here

Dove Nourishing Secrets Deodorant 

I bought this a while back and have been using it because I hate waste but honestly, I've given up. It goes all white and flaky if you accidentally spray it on the wrong angle, and it doesn't even work. TMI, maybe, but a few times I've noticed that I don't smell as fresh as I could which is just SO ANNOYING. So yeah, this isn't actually empty but it's going in the bin.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

I don't tend to use dry shampoo often, and if I do buy it I go for Batiste or - if it's on offer - the Colab one because it has really funky packaging. But I got this in a Glossybox ages ago, and it's absolutely unreal. It smells amazing, genuinely works and looks sophisticated in your beauty collection. But it's pricey, so I'm umm-ing and ah-ing over buying it again! get it here

Pantene Pro Foam Conditioner

I bought this for something like 79p in Home Bargains when I needed a new conditioner, and bloody hell - for that price, it's worth stocking up on. It smells salon-y and grown up, genuinely conditions your hair without leaving it feeling heavy and doesn't make it greasy either. A really brilliant bargain product so if you spot it in your local discount store, pick it up for sure.

So there's all the beauty products I've used up recently - I'll probably do another one of these in a few months so let me know if it's something you're into. 

Friday, 1 November 2019

The Body Shop Christmas gifting 2019

Oh god, it's started - the first mention of the C word on my blog. And what a great way to kick it off, with one of my favourite shops ever: The Body Shop. I popped into the Liverpool One store last week to check out their festive decor (the window displays move and they're so cool) as well as the Christmas gifting range.

This year, The Body Shop are making a donation to Plan International with every Christmas transaction made. The charity are fantastic, and donations from The Body Shop will help girls in Brazil and Indonesia into education which is amazing. There is also a significant reduction in non-recyclable plastic packaging: a lot of the gifts come in patterned jute bags or cardboard boxes, which is fantastic to see.

There are beauty advent calendars, which are a luxury item for sure but a brilliant way to test out loads of different products such as a skincare, hair care and make up. The boxes you pull out have little feminist slogans and facts on them - a lovely addition I think!

You can personalise your own body butter again this year, and I genuinely think this is such a cool idea for Secret Santa or as a stocking filler. Hint hint, anyone buying for me... Along with the regular Body Shop scents (my favourite is Moringa), there are three new festive scents: Rich Plum, Juicy Pear and Warm Vanilla. They're all lovely - the vanilla one is my favourite, and the plum smells really grown up. These scents are available as body butters but also as shower gel, hand cream, body yoghurt and more.

As well as the new Christmas scents, there are some festive make up products available too: Drops of Gold, some illuminating drops that would look banging mixed with foundation, a loose sparkly powder highlight called The Sparkler, and a powder highlighter called Illuminator Highlighter. Sparkle is in this Christmas season!

Pre-made gift sets are available across many of the ranges: there's an aloe skincare set, and a beard care set as well as a face mask collection. They're all so nicely packaged and would make the perfect present for those hard-to-buy-for pals.

You can put together your own gift sets too; there are these gorgeous jute bags with festive patterns printed on them, which you can fill with products. They're free when you spend over £25 and I just think they're a fab idea.

So, that's pretty much everything when it comes to The Body Shop and their Christmas gifting range. I absolutely love them as a brand, and have done since I was kid because they're great for sensitive skin - and you just can't go wrong with getting someone a nice body butter for Christmas, can you?

For more info about The Body Shop's charity work, CLICK HERE

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Wroclaw packing list | November

As I sit down to write this post, it's a week until I head to Wroclaw, Poland. I still don't know how to pronounce it, and I've not done as much planning as I usually would have done for a trip. But you know what - that's okay. We're going with friends and whatever happens, we'll have a ball. I thought I'd just do a run through of what I'm packing, partly because it might be helpful for other people and partly as a checklist for myself when I actually get around to doing it. Here we go...

a pink tog 24 fleece on top my open suitcase


In terms of clothing choices, I'm mostly opting for comfort (and warmth) over style. It's set to be between 0 and 8 degrees while we're there, which isn't too bad but being cold makes me grumpy, so it's better to be safe than sorry I think!

🎒2 x knitted jumpers
🎒2 x sweatshirts
🎒2 x mom jeans - one black pair, one blue pair
🎒1 x thick leggings
🎒Underwear/cosy socks/knitted tights
🎒2 x 'nice' outfits for the evening time
🎒Dr Martens (I'll likely travel in these anyway)
🎒Nice boots, again for the evenings
🎒Pink Tog24 fleece*
🎒Proper coat, which again I'll likely travel in
🎒Ear muffs, scarf, gloves

Beauty bits

As I've currently got eyelash extensions and tinted brows, I've found that I'm not wearing much make up. But I'll be packing the following beauty stuff anyway:

💋iT Cosmetics CC Cream
💋Collection concealer
💋Charlotte Tilbury Look in a Palette
💋Revoultion highlighter
💋Gerard Cosmetics Setting Spray
💋A few shades of Pixi Matte Last Liquid Lipstick
💋Mini shampoo, conditioner & body wash
💋Cleanser & cloths


✈️Books galore - probably about 5 to be on the safe side
✈️A few card games
✈️First aid stuff/medication
✈️An umbrella
✈️Chargers/cables etc
✈️Portable speaker - I use the POW Audio Mo*, which is truly fantastic

me with ear muffs and a big scarf on in front of some fairy lights
Throwback to Warsaw 2019
I'm pretty sure that's everything on my packing list! There's probably a few things I've missed out, but that's the general gist of what needs putting in my case. We're flying hand luggage only, but with the '2 bag' deal so I'm taking a cabin suitcase and my Kanken - here's hoping I can fit everything in...

Sunday, 27 October 2019

AD | Hosting the perfect games night with giffgaff

There's something so fun and pure about a games night isn't there? Give me a night around the dining table with my best mates, a chippy tea and a few games over a night of clubbing any day - it's just so NICE. So when giffgaff asked me to host a games night and invite my nearest & dearest, I was so excited and started planning immediately. Thanks to the giffgaff's free sims and goody bag deals, it's so easy to get in touch with your pals and invite them round to play games with you - so there's no excuses for not getting together!

my hand holding a pink games card in front of a dining table

Of course, when you're an adult everyone is busy all of the time. And it's coming up to autumn/winter, so everyone's ill all the time as well. After a few minor setbacks and date changes, we finally managed to have 'games afternoon' on Saturday - I invited my boyfriend and my best friend Holly, and her fiance Mike who is also one of my best friends. giffgaff are big into community spirit and bringing people together, and I'm so glad we made the time to spend the afternoon arguing over game rules and generally having a laugh. Here's what went down...

The games

Big Potato Games had kindly provided some games for us to play: Obama Llama 2, Bucket of Doom and Weird Things Humans Search For. I'd heard of the brand through Brogan's videos, and always thought that the games looked like so much fun - and I wasn't disappointed. Our favourite was Weird Things Humans Search For, and we just had a right laugh playing them all.

my hand holding a games card in front of some plates and boxes

a pile of three board games from big potato games

two hands holding matching pair cards

The food

I actually just went to Asda and got a load of snacks in - gluten free biscuits for me, crisps and dip, sweets, pop, flavoured water, fresh fruit. The perfect games night wouldn't really be complete without a takeaway, but seeing as it was only the afternoon I didn't want to go nuts with the food. Doing it this way means you don't have to spend a lot, either, making a games night (or afternoon) a much cheaper alternative to a meal out, night on the town or trip to the cinema.

a pile of food including crisps, brownies, smarties and more

The tech

giffgaff, being the babes that they are, provided me with an Amazon Echo Dot to amp our games afternoon up a bit. Of course, I made a banging playlist to have on in the background that I think covered everyone's music taste. It was definitely eclectic, put it that way! You can listen to it here if you want to... They also sent me an action camera, which I didn't set up this time around - I'll be saving it for next time when there's more alcohol and I want to catch some funny moments on camera to blackmail embarrass my pals with.

amazon echo dot on a window sill with a plant behind it

All in all we had a fantastic afternoon catching up, playing games, eating snacks and listening to some tunes! I want to say a huge thanks to giffgaff for sorting me out with some goodies and prompting me to host a fun day for my favourite people. I definitely want to make it a regular thing, as it's so important to set time aside for your friends and loved ones.