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I felt it was probably about time I updated this page, because a lot’s changed recently. So hi, I’m Katy – brains behind The Lilac Scrapbook, writer of average poetry, skincare fanatic, bee lover. I live just outside of the best city in the world (Liverpool) and I’m passionate about country music, cheesy chips and Cointreau with lemonade. I studied journalism and creative writing at uni, and then went on to do a masters by research with a focus on representation in literature; I love writing, and on my blog I talk about travel, beauty, lifestyle, books, food, music, my feelings/opinions, fashion (sort of) and more. I like to make people smile, so I hope my blog brings you just a tiny bit of joy.

I’m tentatively dipping my toes into the world of freelance writing at the moment, so that’s exciting – if you like my writing and would like to commission me, firstly wow thanks and secondly you can email me at katygilroyblog@hotmail.co.uk to discuss! You can also use this email if you just fancy a chat, or want to work with me on my blog/socials, or want to invite me to something really cool. I don’t have much of a social life so that would actually be Really Nice.

Maybe you feel like you know me a bit better by now but in case you still feel as if I’m a stranger writing rubbish on the internet (I am) then I’ve linked some posts below which might help you figure me out as a human.

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