Monday 8 August 2022

Where I ate in Poznan as a solo female traveller

I had the very best time in Poznan, and I ate some great food over there. Eating out as a solo traveller can be difficult sometimes (once in Belgium I went to the toilet midway through a meal and they cleared my plate away thinking I'd gone...) but I had no trouble during this trip. I thought I'd share the places I ate over there in case you're planning a trip any time soon...

Piero┼╝ak Pierogarnia

I spotted this little pierogi shop on my way to the old town on my first day, and made a mental note to go back and have some. It did *not* disappoint - cheap and cheerful, I devoured a plate of pierogi and a coke here. They were delicious! They come on polystyrene plates and there's outdoor seating, or you can get them to go; I can't find a record of how much they were but I'm pretty sure it was about 6 quid for 8 pierogi (the perfect amount, imo) and the coke.

Novotel Poznan Centrum

This is the hotel where I stayed (full review coming soon!) and it had a lovely bar/restaurant downstairs - I ordered a a Caesar salad here with a homemade cherry-lemonade & a shot of vodka to go in it. This came to a grand total of 67PLN, or £11.88 which you can't moan at for a hotel bar. The salad was absolutely delicious too, and it was a huge portion.

Na Winklu

When you search for 'best pierogi in Poznan' on Google, a *lot* of results will tell you to go to Na Winklu. And with good reason - I think it really might be the best pierogi I've ever had, plus it's not far from the cathedral so it's a good one to tie in with a visit there. It was absolutely rammed, but I managed to snag a little bench seat on the outside of the window and I scanned the menu only to see they do BAKED PIEROGI. This isn't something I've ever had before but I obviously knew I'd love it, so I ordered 8. As I said above, that's the optimum amount... except not here. Not for baked pierogi - they're HUGE. I managed to eat 4 and was absolutely stuffed, but they were so so so good. I took the other 4 back to the hotel with me, guarding the box with my life on the tram. For 8 giant baked pierogi, an orangeade and the takeaway box I paid roughly £12.


I spotted this while walking back to my hotel from the aforementioned Na Winklu, and made a mental note to go back the next night. So I did just that, and having looked at the menu before I went knew exactly what I was ordering. I went for a bright blue 90s themed cocktail, some halloumi & sweet potato fries for a starter and then a classic (but delicious) margherita pizza. Lovely vibe in here and the food was particularly tasty. This came to £17.


One place I particularly wanted to go while I was here was Citadel Park; I had a lovely few hours here with my headphones in, reading my book and just people watching/admiring the views. There's a cafe/restaurant within the park and I was starving, so I popped in to get something to eat - and wow. It's beautiful inside, with origami birds and loads of plants and just such a calm atmosphere. I had garlic bread and a lovely garlic creamy pasta and a pepsi; the food was just absolutely to die for too, and for a grand total of £11 I wasn't complaining...


Weranda Cafe

I had walked past this place a couple of times as it's on one of the roads just off the old town, with amazing views of the gorgeous pink church. Then I saw the menu online when I was looking for somewhere to go for lunch on my last day, and I *knew* I had to go - if only for the cream of tomato soup with truffle oil. WOW. I got this and a chicken wrap, which was definitely too much food but it was all SO good. I sat in the back garden with the sun shining, birds overhead, people just enjoying a Monday afternoon... it was bliss. I had two pepsis with my lunch, and the total was £13 - a decent price for the amount of food I had in such a central location.

So that's the round up of where I ate in Poznan as a solo female traveller; I felt safe eating alone in all of these places, and they were always more than happy to accommodate a table for one. I would recommend any of these but in particular Weranda, Umberto and Na Winklu.

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  1. Admire you so much for going solo! I would LOVE to (but don't have the guts yet). All this food looks amazing x