Wednesday 23 February 2022

My holiday outfits: Tenerife 2022

I recently visited Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife, and I thought I'd share all the outfits I wore while I was there. Now I'm far from a fashion blogger, but I don't know if this post might just be handy for other people looking to back for an all-inclusive trip to somewhere around the 18-20degrees mark.
As a bit of background, I'm a size 14 in most shops and hate the tops of my arms. I also hate my knees but just in photos, not in real life. We were there for a week, and did some days out as well as nights in the bar - the weather was too rubbish to sit by the pool, sadly!
Without further ado, I'll show the outfits and I'll also link to anything I can - whether it's the exact item or something similar. Enjoy!
This is a satin shirt from Primark; it cost me £13 and I bought it a couple of sizes too big and wore it as a dress. It was so comfy; it rained this evening and I looked a sight, to be fair, but still. I paired it with this sage green bag from ASOS, which you'll see in most outfits, and my Primark's finest Birkenstock dupes which I've had for around five years.

This leopard print dress belongs to my mum and as such I have no idea where it's from. But I'll link something nice here; this was a size 12 and genuinely fit me okay except for the fact my boobs made it go super short as they took up so much material. I paired this with my Adidas trainers as we were walking around the botanical gardens this day, and of course the sage green handbag.

I love this dress so much and sadly didn't really get any pics in her; she's from Nasty Gal, a little low cut chiffon number with long sleeves. I've since worn this with tights and boots at home which was nice! I had to use a bobby pin as the top section is a wrap style and you could see my entire bra.

This is a beach cover up from Primark, it was reduced to around a fiver and I loved how thin it was (perfect for the one day we had weather above 23 degrees), and the leaf pattern. Less of an outfit, really, but I love the location of this photo...

This was my favourite outfit of the whole trip. The pale sage green skirt is from Nasty Gal, and I love this style of skirt - I have a black one too, it's kind of ra-ra style? Skater-ish? Really flattering and comfortable. I paired it with this ruffle-collared shirt from M&S which I bought for £9 in the January sale - so versatile. (Similar here) Again with the green bag, and my beaded sunglasses chain from Shein.

This is a super simple dress from Boohoo, just a nude button-up shift dress with puffed sleeves. It would probably look better with a tan (I don't tan) but I love it. So comfy and floaty, and it was pretty warm this evening. I wore it with my UGG sandals, which cut my feet to ribbons, and again with the green bag.

I loved this outfit too - you can see the glasses chain a bit better here. My shirt is from a vintage weigh sale, and the red crop top is Primark about 3 years ago. You can't see but I've got the black version of that green skirt on. A great outfit I reckon.

Last but not least is this Boohoo beach dress, which I wear in the winter too with tights and boots. It's so floaty and even though it's black, the pops of colour please me a lot. The green bag doesn't quite match but here we are. Again, trainers - because we were walking down the sunset viewpoint and I didn't want blisters.
 There you have it - my holiday outfits from Tenerife 2022. A mix of stuff I bought new, and stuff I already own and wear a lot anyway. Which was your fave?

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