Sunday 27 February 2022

A really boring adult wishlist™

And no I don't mean *adult* in the NSFW type of way (it's been a long time since I wrote any content like that...) - today's post is all about the proper grown up stuff I'm adding to my wishlist way ahead of buying my first house this year. I'm manifesting it, my yellow front door and a steam mop and a white cat. Any colour cat, really. So without further ado, here are some really boring adult purchases I'll (maybe) be making throughout the next few months so I don't have to get all of this stuff at once. Obviously if you own any of these specific items and they're awful, let me know so I don't waste my money! Thank you!

First of all - I would do anything for a pink Smeg kettle. Except pay £150 for one, obviously, because that's excessive. The mini one is £119, still sooooo pricey but a definite dream purchase for me...

Black and gold cutlery is high on my wishlist; I was going for an entirely pink colour scheme for the kitchen but I've since decided I want neutral units/walls and then just a whole mish mash of colours. These, while not bright or colourful, will be hidden anyway and I just think they're so classy. These particular ones are by Salter, and aren't too pricey.

A Simba duvet??? Yes yes yes - their sleep products come so highly rated, and I value sleep a lot. I have a really fancy pillow which I love, an okay mattress and a great mattress topper (from Slumberdown) so this would be the cherry on top. Expensive, yes, but probably worth it!

I have a spray mop and it's a game changer so I can only imagine how amazing life would be with a steam mop. They take up so much less space than your typical mop and bucket, and are much more hygienic. This one is from Shark, and they're meant to be *so good* - an investment for sure but one I really really want...


How boring is it to talk about bins? But hear me out because how cool is this 'Intelligent' Waste Totem by Joseph Joseph, the kings of cool and innovative kitchen products. I am just obsessed with it!

Can't get a Shark mop without also getting a Shark vacuum, right? This is one of the cordless ones - again, they take up less room and as the house I'll be buying will likely be small (first time solo buyer probs) I want to save space wherever I can! These are raved about, and we have one at my parents' house so I know how good they are.

I am *dying* to have some sort of bar area, and these velvet bar stools (while very expensive...) would look so good in the space I have envisioned. A girl can dream, right?

Last but not least - rainbow colour coded kitchen knives. I cook a lot more now, and definitely will when I have my own kitchen, so good knives are a must. I don't actually know how good these are but the colours are just calling out to me sooooo much.

Let me know your must haves for moving into your first house - I'm gonna need all the help I can get!

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