Sunday 20 February 2022

The best Disney homeware on the market right now

I'm still firmly on my house-buying journey, and it's starting to move along a bit. Cue plenty of stress and a lot of time spent scouring the 'home' sections of every website... There's so much available currently in terms of Disney homeware, so I thought I'd share some of my favourite bits. I think most of them are quite subtle rather than being in your face, so if you want some cute Disney homeware items keep on reading!

First of all is this super cute Winnie the Pooh bath mat from George at ASDA, who have so much Disney homeware available right now. This is £9 on sale right now and I am obsessed.

Next up are these Mickey Mouse wall lamps, which come in four gorgeous neutral tones. They look quite classy, but still have that Disney touch. These are from a website called 'Litfad' (which I've personally never used so, do your research...) and come in at just over £30.

This Mickey outline mug is from IWOOT and it's by Funko; you can currently get 5 Funko homeware products for £20 on IWOOT, which is amazing considering most products come it at around the £8-9.99 mark! What a bargain. This mug is part of the deal and costs £9.99 on its own. Shop the offer here.

Etsy is a goldmine when it comes to finding cute Disney homeware. This candle is no exception; it's scented like the Mickey waffles you get at Disneyworld, and at £8 it's an affordable way to bring a bit of Disney magic into your home. There's all sorts of other scents available too such as Main Street Bakery and Wizard's Brew...

From ShopDisney, which is obviously FULL of amazing Disney homeware, is this dog bowl with a handle. The design is so cute and the quality looks great too. At £13 it's not the cheapest, but a cute bit of additional Disney for your home.

Next are these Disney princess plates from Truffle Shuffle. At £24 for the four they're not super cheap but not massively expensive; they're really pretty and not at all tacky!

This Mickey door mat is another ShopDisney find, and I think again it's quite subtle. It's cute but not in your face and it just looks like a nice addition if you have a more neutral colour theme throughout your home! It's from the Homestead range which is all fairly neutral and not too tacky... It's on offer for £17.50 right now.

The third and final ShopDisney product is this big three-wick Mickey candle, again in a neutral shade and not exactly screaming 'DISNEEEYYYY'. It's currently on sale for £13.50 too!

I love this Be Our Guest chopping board, which I found on Amazon. It's a cute way of bringing Disney into your kitchen without going all out. It's £17.99 which I don't think is extortionate for a nice chopping board...

These Winnie the Pooh pasta bowls are *everything* - and again they're from George at ASDA. You get four for £18 which is expensive but crockery is anyway, and I'm so tempted to order these!

Another Etsy find is this set of four retro prints, which are in such a unique style - if you didn't know they were Disney, I'm not sure you'd think straight away that they were. Very vintage and cool, they depict different Disneyworld parks/rides. In A4 size you'll pay £30 for the four, and there are loads of different sizes to choose from too.

Last but not least is one of my favourite things on here - a Mickey shaped bar cart! This is from Primark, who also do a lot of Disney homeware, and I think it's sooooo bloody cool. Imagine this with all your colourful bottles of gin on, and some vintage Disney glassware. So cool. At £50 I don't think it's a bad price at all!

Do you have any Disney homeware in your house? Do you prefer it subtle, or all-out in-your-face Disney? Let me know in the comments and I'll be back with more home content soon...

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