Wednesday 13 January 2021

AD | my dream first home

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I mentioned this in my previous post, but I'm looking to buy my first home in 2021. Today I'm working with Three Counties to talk about what I'm hoping my perfect house will have - a girl can dream, right? Obviously my house might have none of these things, as a self-employed first time buyer in the middle of a global pandemic/recession, but these are the absolute ideals for my perfect future home.

A balcony

I would love love LOVE a house with a balcony. These are few and far between, at least in the area I'm looking at, but I just can't think of anything more lovely than sitting on a balcony eating breakfast and reading a book. What a wonderful treat that would be. Fairy lights and colourful flowers and scatter cushions galore!

A bath

One thing my new house MUST have is a bath, or at least enough room to install one. I'm lazy and much prefer a bath to a shower - plus I have an extortionate supply of bath bombs that I absolutely need to work through. Can't chuck one of those in the shower, can you?! I just absolutely love a nice hot bath after a long day, so my dream house definitely needs a lovely big bath tub.

Big windows

I want somewhere that lets plenty of light in, so a house with nice big windows is ideal. Three Counties currently have various window special offers available; they can replace your existing windows with double glazing, which is a winner when you live somewhere as cold as England, and this helps to reduce your heating bills. It is also more eco-friendly to have double glazing in your home! Three Counties also install doors, conservatories and roofline products ensuring that your house looks good while keeping you warm and safe. They are transparent with pricing and have great reviews across Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire. If you’ve got gorgeous views from your house, it makes sense to have lovely windows you can see it from no matter what room you’re in.

A decent garden

My dream house has a garden big enough to keep a pet goat. If you know me, you’ll know I love goats - and a pet goat really would be a bucket list item ticked off. They’re just so cute. A big garden would mean plenty of space for hosting BBQs and parties, and maybe room for a hot tub… Again, I can dream, right? I’m thinking cute wooden garden furniture, bunting, a little vegetable patch. Ooooh.

So there’s 4 things on my dream house wishlist. Again, these things are not all going to be attainable for me when buying my very first house given the current state of the country, but they are things that I will always continue to strive towards in my future plans. What’s on your dream house wishlist? Also, let me know what you’d name a pet goat if you had one - I’m very interested to know…

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