Tuesday 12 January 2021

Etsy homeware faves #1

So, I'm looking at buying a house this year. Thus far the extent of this is walking around my local area pointing out yellow front doors, making endless calculations and scouring Etsy: but I am thinking about it. I posted a few 'Etsy faves' posts towards the tail end of last year and they were so popular. I thought I would do the same this year and share some of my favourite homeware bits available on the site in case anyone is looking for inspiration!

If you know me you'll know I love bees, and this silver bee door knocker is right up my street. Imagine that on my dream buttercup-yellow front door?! Obsessed. It's £40 plus postage which is probably a bit excessive considering I would likely have a doorbell as well but I love it.

I'm obsessed with these ladder shelves, and though I imagine you'll be able to get them cheaper elsewhere there are loads of nice ones on Etsy. I want one in my bathroom, I think! Perfect for storing all the bath bombs, half-empty bottles of shampoo and face masks I've got cluttering up my office right now... This one is £90 plus postage.

I love quirky prints, and this Peep Show print is just really calling out to me. It's one of my favourite shows and this would look SO cool above the TV or something. It's a tenner with free postage and I just love it.

Another print is the 'This Kitchen is For Dancing' print, which is so cute and colourful. I really want a nice vibrant kitchen, and I do firmly believe in the power of a solo kitchen dance party when you're feeling down - this print is £6.60 plus postage for the A4.

I'm not really a plant person but this little vase/plant pot is amazing. I love really quirky stuff like this, and I think it would look sick in a bathroom on those ladder shelves. It's also less than a tenner which I think is so good for such a unique piece!

Obviously a laundry bag/basket of some description is a must, and I don't want *anything* boring in my house. This 'I like it dirty' laundry bag just made me smile and while I think £18 + postage for a laundry basket is a bit much, I do really like it...

More quirky decor - this boobs macrame wall hanger is so cute. It comes in a few colours, from rust to blush pink, and they cost £15-20 depending on which colour you choose. Absolutely LOVE!

Last but not least is a doormat with a bee on it. Pretty self-explanatory and I absolutely love it. No muddy feet in my house, please... This is £25 with free postage.

What's your favourite piece of homeware, and where did you get it? I need all the inspiration so let me know in the comments!

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