Monday 14 February 2022

The best Wowcher deals available now

I bloody love Wowcher, because I bloody love a bargain. When I saw they had up to 60% off Emma Mattresses, my jaw dropped - and I thought I'd best make a post sharing that and some other fantastic current Wowcher deals (as of Valentine's Day 2022)!

Home deals on Wowcher right now

So, to start with: up to 61% off Emma Mattresses, which are meant to be some of the best mattresses in the world. Prices start at just £124 on Wowcher right now.

Just £189 for a cordless Dyson, which sounds expensive but is a really good deal. Cordless vacuums are life changing I swear.

If you're after a heated clothes airer then you can get a 3-tier one for less than £70 on Wowcher right now. I'm torn between 'genius idea' and 'terrifying fire hazard', personally.

I never knew I needed a portable pastel blender (and I probably don't) but for £9.99 I might get one anyway? Blending on the go... why? When? Who knows but they look cute. This reminds me of something you'd order on Wish and then do a TikTok video on, to be honest.

Looking to save space? Flat mop buckets do just that, and the microfiber pads are much more hygienic. Spray mops definitely save even more space but if you insist on a 'mop and bucket' situation then you can't go wrong with this for around the £15 mark. Wowcher coming through.

Electrical deals on Wowcher right now

Drones are still getting hyped up, and you can get one which looks pretty decent (I'm no expert though) on Wowcher for £20 at the moment - or £28.99 with the 4k camera, and I can't see why you'd want it without one to be fair...

There are *so many* refurbished iPads on Wowcher right now for less than £80 which is a great bargain. I got a refurbished one a few months ago and I love it - especially for working on the go and using my Kindle to read more.

Microsoft Office 2021 (for Windows) is currently on Wowcher for a mere £40, which is a £200 saving and therefore an absolutely banging bargain.

I love the look of this 2-in-1 sleep mask with headphones built in - if you like to sleep with music on without disturbing others but don't want to choke to death on your headphone wire AND also like to block out any light, this is ideal. And she's only a tenner!

Travel deals on Wowcher right now

Obviously I have to mention the famous £99 mystery holiday! You can watch many many TikToks and Youtube videos about this; if you do go for it, read all the small print and make sure you know what you're getting yourself into!

There's Disneyland Paris trips for under £200 available on Wowcher currently. Last time I went it was through a voucher site like this, and everything was fine. I had a ball!

UK breaks and staycations can be so pricey but Wowcher always have banging deals, like a 2 night stay in Yorkshire *with breakfast* for a cheeky £69.

Glamping as well, another 'spenny thing to do if you're not careful. Wowcher have a luxury 2 night glamping pod stay for up to 4 people in Shropshire for just £129 right now.

That's all for now folks - tell me, what's the best Wowcher bargain you've ever got?

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