Thursday 29 June 2017

My fave Porto outfits

You probably know I've recently returned from a week in Porto, and I wanted to share some quick snaps of some of my favourite outfits from while I was there - nothing fancy, obviously.

Bad angle but such a good outfit - this peach body suit is from Primark and I always feel like a ballerina when I wear it. My culottes are from Misguided, and my shoes/accessories are also Primark. I feel so confident in this outfit I loveeeee it.

I feel like such a little boy in this outfit but it's so comfy - I think the t-shirt is H&M, and it's oversized and really soft, and my shorts are from ASDA. They're just the right length and they're so comfy.

Again, not the best angle but I adore this dress soooooo much and I felt like a queen this night. The off-the-shoulder thing is just amazing and I love khaki. It's from Topshop, as is my handbag, and my shoes are again from Primark.

I'll be doing this for Germany, too, as I have some cute outfits planned for our next adventure!

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