Tuesday 20 December 2022

6 Recent Reads | December 2022

I've read a whopping 61 books this year (and I will probably read a couple more before the year is out) which is pretty amazing! I've shared monthly recent reads round-ups on here as well as a few standalone reviews, and I hope you've enjoyed seeing my bookish thoughts. So without further ado, here is another set of quickfire book reviews...

Sounds Like Fun by Bryan Moriarty

This follows 27 year old Eoin, who's boyfriend has just told him he wants an open relationship... Eoin isn't sure but goes along with it anyway, which of course triggers a whole load of funny, awkward and interesting scenarios. Couple that with drama at his job, being Irish in London and navigating friendships... it's a whole lot! This is funny, upbeat and a gread read. Pre-order it here.

The Family Home by Miranda Smith

This is WILD - it's a psychological thriller with plenty of twists, following a couple who have separated but own a shared apartment which they take turns to stay in when not at the family home with their daughter. This is all going fairly well until Lillian arrives back to the apartment one night to find a dead body in her bed... Honestly it had twists I didn't see coming, secrets which could tear the strongest families apart, and some really bitchy characters. Definitely one to add to your list if you like a thriller! Read on Kindle Unlimited.

The New Couple by Alison James

This is one of my books of the year, honestly. Another psychological thriller, it follows a couple who have won a new house and moved in with their baby... but are they really the couple who won it? And if not, where are they and who's baby is that with them? From nosy neighbours to hidden truths, this book will grip you from the outset and keep you there right the way through... Buy it here.

Postcards For a Songbird by Rebekah Crane

I've read a couple of Crane's books this year through my Kindle Unlimited, and they're really well written and beautifully crafted stories. This one is about Wren, a girl who feels like *everybody* leaves her behind - which, to be fair, it seems like they do. Then a boy who's sick and can't leave the house moves in next door, and she also starts getting postcards from her sister, and she starts to form a few other tentative relationships. It's definitely a coming of age story and I don't want to give too much away but I will say it is stunning and lovely! Read it here.

The Boyfriend by Daniel Hurst

Yet another Daniel Hurst thriller - I really enjoyed this one, which is about a woman called Adele who is planning a wedding with boyfriend Tom. But then, very creepily, all her ex boyfriends start turning up DEAD. Who's to blame, and why are they doing it? This is a story full of suspense, tension, secrets, stories and trouble... I would definitely recommend. Read FREE on Kindle.

The Christmas Killer by Alex Pine

I don't usually go in for seasonal reads but this just called out to me - it's about a police man and his wife who have moved to a little village in Cumbria, thinking they've swapped the stress of city life for something much more idyllic. That is, until he receives a Christmas card claiming to be from someone who is planning to carry out 12 murders over the 12 days of Christmas... is it just a sinister prank, or is the sleepy village about to wake up to carnage? I loved this one! Read on Kindle Unlimited!

I've really been taking advantage of my Kindle Unlimited subscription this month - I would definitely recommend it if you read a lot like me. Let me know if you've read any of these books!

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