Thursday 29 December 2022

2022 - my year in review

It's been a while since I wrote a more 'personal' type of post but it's also been a hell of a year and I wanted to write this, mostly for myself, to look back on everything that's happened...

I've been on 6 holidays this year - a bestie trip to Tenerife in January for a week of relaxation in the rain, a city break to Hamburg where I was severely ill for the entire trip, a solo jaunt to Poznan which is one of my favourite Polish cities, a cruise with my aunty, another city break to Milan and finally a lovely few days away in Llangollen. I've also been to a music festival and plenty of gigs as well as my fair share of football games!

I was buying a house, and have written quite a fair bit about that this year. Unfortunately my purchase fell through, which happened at a time when basically a lot of my life seemed to be pretty much crumbling around me. My circumstances have changed massively and while buying a house is no longer an immediate priority, it is definitely still in the pipeline for the next couple of years. Gotta keep saving...

The first half of the year was really successful in terms of my freelance writing and social media management career; the second half of the year has been less so, something I've seen echoed by a lot of freelancers in the digital marketing world as many businesses take things in-house to try and beat the rising prices of pretty much everything. I'm still doing well, but I'm in the process of looking for a more stable content writing or digital marketing job which is going to be a really exciting change!

I left a really toxic relationship with someone who I initially thought was wonderful, but who turned out to be essentially a bully. The less said about that the better, and I am now *much* happier (like, a million times happier...) in a fun, loving, stable, happy relationship with someone who brings me immense peace.

What else? I've quit smoking, finally, even though I am using a vape for now. But it's a step in the right direction! My skin's still a bit of a mess, but I'm so much more confident in myself now that it doesn't really matter. As of writing this post I've read 62 books, but it's probably more by the time this actually goes live, and next year's TBR list is already shaping up well. I'm making so many gorgeous plans for the future, and I'm generally just a very happy person right now. Long may it continue!

I hope 2022 has been a fantastic year for all of you, and that 2023 is even better. Thank you for any & all support on this silly little blog of mine - it means more than you know.

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  1. Happy New Year, Katy!

    Sounds like 2022 was a wild ride for us all! I too had house purchase problems, and actually ended up leaving freelance partially to try and make it easier for the next attempt. And, all that travel! I did a lil Milan and Lake Como trip too and it was so much fun. Here’s to a shinier 2023! x