Sunday 14 June 2020

8 fascinating facts about Poland

If you read my blog or know me 'in real life' then you'll know Poland is my favourite place in the world. While I'm desperately missing it, I thought I'd take the time to write a blog post with 8 of my favourite fascinating facts about Poland... Enjoy!

The national dish is Pierogi

It actually took me until my tenth visit to Poland to try pierogi, and I had it three times during that trip. It's delicious, if you get the good stuff. Like tiny dumplings, generally filled with cheese or meat and served with sour cream or garlic mayonnaise and little crispy onions, it is just AMAZING. I'm yet to find any in England so I am, at some point, going to attempt to make it from scratch. Wish me lucky...

Marie Curie was Polish

A lot of people don't seem to know this, but it's true. This incredible scientist and Nobel Prize winner was born in Warsaw, Poland's capital. There's a museum dedicated to her in the old town centre but, try as we might, we couldn't find the entrance when I was last there. Very strange!

There is 328 miles of coastline in Poland

Right along the Baltic Sea, Poland has so much lovely coastline and many beaches. My favourite is the beach in Sopot, home to hundreds of swans and the longest pier in Europe. It was pouring down and freezing cold when I visited, but still so beautiful.

Picking wild mushrooms is a family activity

In Poland, it's common to go mushroom picking as a family - they teach kids early on how to distinguish between edible and poisonous mushrooms too. I just think this is so lovely; what a joyous way to spend an afternoon out in the fresh air!

University in Poland is free

Sorry?! How cool is this?! State-run universities provide free education to Polish citizens. That's way better than paying 9 grand a year if you ask me...

There are 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Poland

I love visiting monuments, historic sites and ancient ruins - and there are plenty to choose from in Poland. From the old town in Warsaw to the Białowieźa Forest, they are really diverse too. It's such a gorgeous country with such a rich cultural history.

The Polish alphabet has 32 letters

I'm currently trying to learn Polish on Duolingo and let me tell you it is difficult. I'm just about there with the basics but it's only going to get harder...

The biggest section of any supermarket in Poland is the 'candy' section

And I can confirm, they have a great variety of sweet snacks. My favourite is Wedel's Karmel Love chocolate which basically tastes like Caramac but far superior in my opinion. Their pick and mix variety is huge, too!

There you have it - 8 fascinating facts about Poland. When we can, I would highly recommend you visit this gorgeous place. However, I want to mention that as much as I love the country, it's not all sunshine and roses. Currently there is an ongoing struggle for LGBT+ rights in Poland and it would mean the world to me if you read this information and signed some petitions regarding this horrific situation. It will only take you a few minutes. Thank you!


  1. Never been to Poland but it sounds amazing x

  2. PEROGIS are allll I want right now!! Yummy!

  3. Poland has been at the top of my travel list for quite some time now. I was actually hoping to go on a trip this year but it seems unlikely now.