Saturday 18 January 2020

Where to eat and drink in Szczecin

From what we could find, there aren't a huge amount of bars and restaurants in Szczecin. But that's absolutely fine, and we were (mostly) really happy with where we ate and drank in Szczecin. Here's the low down, in case you're planning a trip and want to know where to go!

Where we ate in Szczecin

Our first meal was breakfast at Orsola Coffee. A cute little nautical-themed coffee shop on our street, we headed here ravenous and slightly hungover. I had a ham, tomato & mozzarella baguette, while Holly had bacon and eggs with toast and a side of pickle, which she didn't eat. I chose water and Holly got a coffee - everything came to 39 zloty. This is just under £8, which isn't bad at all. We also got fro-yo here and it was just lovely.

a nautical themed restaurant with bare brick walls

my hand holding a stripy tub of fro yo in front of a beige wall

After walking some of the red route we were fairly peckish again, and had decided we wanted to try pierogi at some point during our trip. As we were heading back in the direction of the main town, I spotted 1 2 3 Pizza - and their sign which said they did pierogi. So we went in, and ordered some with spinach and mozzarella in it as well as a bottle of Pepsi each. Unfortunately, this place is just a bit grim - kind of like a Polish greasy spoon, if you will, and the pierogi was vile. Too much spinach, way too soggy and salty and just not that nice. For 10 pieces and the two drinks we paid just under 23 zloty, so around £4.50 - you get what you pay for! If you're looking for where to eat in Szczecin, this one might be best avoided...

a white plate of really soggy pierogi on a brown table

That night we both grabbed some Belgian fries from the Christmas market - which is obviously seasonal, but they were lovely and a large portion with sauce was around 13 zloty. This is £2.60 ish, so not dirt cheap but definitely worth it. They were steaming hot and absolutely delicious.

my hand holding up a cone of belgian fries with fairy lights in the background

On the Wednesday, before our trip to the Crooked Forest, we stopped at Pub Piwnica. This was recommended to me by a friend who had eaten pierogi there, so we decided we would give it another try. And I'm so glad we did! I had their house pierogi, which had sausage meat/bacon/onions inside and is actually deep fried - Holly opted for your classic pierogi with pork inside. Mine came with garlic sauce, and we got some chips to share too. We definitely didn't need them, as the pierogi is SO filling! For two portions of pierogi, the chips, an iced coffee and a coke it came to 55 zloty. This is around £11, which is more than reasonable for what we had. We actually went back here on our last day; I had a pasta dish with chicken and broccoli in a creamy sauce, while Holly had pork and chips or something similar. Again, we weren't disappointed! THIS is where to eat in Szczecin, for sure.

close up shot of a plate of beautifully fried pierogi with a tub of garlic sauce for dipping

Where we drank in Szczecin

The very first bar we went to was Cesky Film. It has old cinema seats, and a screen that plays films, and cool Polish film posters on the wall. I had a vodka and Holly had a beer - I can't remember how much it was, because I'm useless, but I remember thinking it was neither particularly cheap nor really expensive!

a brown table with two glasses and a bottle on, with red cinema style seats behind it

After that we made our way to an area recommended to us by a barman, where we found Bar Seta. There was karaoke going on upstairs, and they serve food (though we didn't try any), and you can sit outside under a sort of awning. For a large vodka with fizzy orange and a pint of lager, it came to 15 zloty - three quid!!! Incredible. We did actually witness a fight here between two local lads, and there was pepper spray involved, but if you want cheap booze and somewhere that's open late then this is where to drink in Szczecin...

me and my best friend smiling at the camera with tables behind us

EXP Pub & Games Room was our absolute favourite. Underground, it's almost like being in a little cave and they have every board game you could think of down there. For a pint of cherry beer and a bottle of cider it costs 19 zloty, just under £4, so also really cheap! There's plenty of seating, an indoor smoking area should you need it, and everyone was really friendly. Would highly recommend this as where to drink in Szczecin - it's the best.

me and three friends grinning at the camera, with empty glasses on a green table next to us

So that was everywhere we ate and drank in Szczecin, Poland. If you're planning a trip there, I hope this post has been somewhat helpful!


  1. I would love to visit Szczecin one day, so I will definitely come back to this post for recommendations when I start planning my trip! Seeing as I absolutely love pierogi, Pub Piwnica immediately caught my eye - how good do they look?!

  2. All that food looked so good! I'm jealous! x

    Maiya |

  3. Really helpful post! I love the look of the fro-yo! x


  4. A food post for any city break is a must from me!

  5. Dumplings literally make me so happy. I need to go Wagas now seeing as I can't get here! Boo! xx

  6. I always love recommendations of where to eat in somewhere new, they come in so handy when you go travelling so you don't have to waste time searching!

    Gemma Louise

  7. I'm so glad you got a second opportunity to try pierogi, they look SO much more appetising than the first lot! Prices in Szczecin look really decent, definitely a good place for a holiday on a bit of a budget! I also love the look of that cinema bar! So unique and the seating is so cool.