Saturday 9 March 2019

My top 5 things to do in Warsaw, Poland

Are you sick of me talking about Warsaw yet? If you're a regular blog reader then you might be (sorry) but I'm not done yet. Today's post is dedicated to my top 5 things to do in Warsaw, Poland's glorious capital city. Enjoy!

The Old Town

Like most Polish cities, Warsaw has an old town; their's was completely rebuilt after World War Two, and it's absolutely beautiful. Just walking around is enough, because every building on every street is stunning - but there's plenty of bars, restaurants and cafés too. The Museum of Warsaw is there, and the famous mermaid statue, and some souvenir shops to get your postcards and magnets. The old town is a must if you want those cute Instagram photos of colourful buildings, and to generally get some lovely Polish vibes.

warsaw old town with market huts

Neon Museum

In the SOHO Factory (Praga) there's a building full of old, disused neon signs from the communist era: shop signs, restaurant signs, advertisements. Some still light up, most don't, but it's so cool to walk through the warehouse space and look at them all, picturing them on the side of a building or whatever. Again, very very good for Instagram photos but also just really interesting. SOHO Factory also has loads of restaurants, art and shops as well as a zip wire so it's definitely worth a visit.

me at the neon museum in warsaw

Eating and Drinking

One of my personal favourite things to do in Warsaw (and in Poland in general) is to go out for food - the restaurants are affordable but everywhere I've been, the food has tasted incredible. The bars are super cheap too, so if you're interested in getting drunk you won't have to spend a lot. Rock Friends is the best bar I found in Warsaw, so definitely check that out - and click here for a blog post all about the best restaurants in Warsaw.

garlic bread on a plate with a beer next to it

Warsaw Uprising Museum

If there's one museum that I'd highly recommend to those interested in World War Two history, it's the Uprising Museum - it took us ages to get round the whole thing, and there's SO much to learn.  It's one of the most interesting and in-depth museums I've ever been to, so definitely pop in for a visit when you're in Warsaw.

display at the museum of uprising in warsaw

30th Floor Viewing Platform @ The Palace of Culture & Science

If you want a sick panoramic view of Warsaw, this is the place to head to - it's not one of the cheapest things to do in Warsaw but it's so worth it in my opinion; you can see for miles from all different angles, and I imagine if it was really sunny this would be even better! There's a café up there too, and if you're there anyway there's so much to explore at the palace.

view from the 30th floor viewing platform in warsaw

So there you have it, what not to miss in Warsaw - while these aren't free things to do in Warsaw, most of the attractions in the city aren't that expensive. Plus the food is cheap enough to make up for the cost of the best things to do in Warsaw, as mentioned above. If you're heading there soon, enjoy!

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  1. I really want to visit Poland - I always love reading your guides to the country! xx

    Jessie |

  2. I visited Warsaw at the beginning of this year and absolutely loved it! Such a pretty city :)