Wednesday 17 June 2020

My dream home office decor

This is a collaborative post.

So many people are working from home right now, and I'm one of them. I've been freelancing for around 18 months, so I do generally work from home anyway, but I'm definitely missing being able to pop to a local cafe and set up there for the day. Alas, my home office will have to do! Here are the bits I'm lusting after to create my dream home office set up...

I have a decent desk (it's a white IKEA one) with a mini fridge underneath it and plenty of storage boxes underneath; I have a bar trolley which I spray painted rose gold, and I have a record player in the corner. My bookcase (also white IKEA) is jam packed, and I have various prints on the wall. So what's missing?

I'd love some nicer flooring - my laminate is just a bit naff and it's also covered in blobs of paint from where I quickly redecorated when I moved up here. Parquet flooring cost might be something to factor into home office redecoration plans; it's hard-wearing and looks so nice too, and adds a bit of a professional look to what is essentially a spare bedroom... I'd add a cute rug, too!

I also want a really fancy office chair; mine is currently on loan to my bestie who is adapting to working from home, and I don't mind. I love this stylish grey one, which looks really comfy too. Another thing I need in my office is a decent kettle, for midday pot noodles and to fill my hot water bottle when my stomach pain gets bad. Side note, having chronic pain means working from home is much appreciated. Obviously I want the Smeg Dolce & Gabbana kettle but I'm not rich so I'll settle for one from Asda or something.

And of course, what's an office without plenty of stationery? I get a lot from Tiger whenever I can (when I'm visiting Poland, usually) but I also love love love Paperchase for cute stationery. They have adorable notebooks and funky pens and all the other bits you could possibly need for the perfect home office set up! I would also quite like a glass notice board for my office, to jot down ideas and write my to-do list on so I don't forget anything...

So that's pretty much it in terms of what I want in my home office to jazz things up and make it the best possible place to work. What would you have in YOUR dream home office?

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