Tuesday 17 March 2020

Travel blog post ideas during travel ban season

So the whole world is on/heading towards lockdown, and if like me you have a travel blog you're going to see some sort of impact when it comes to your blog traffic. For me it's not the end of the world - my blog is not my main source of income. But for some people it is, and they are noticing a big hit in their traffic and earnings. People can't travel, and many aren't thinking about it. If you do still want to put out content and travel is your only niche, you might be stuck for ideas. I've had a think, and you can find them below...

Travel blog post ideas for travel ban season

Your favourite travel-inspired books
Your favourite childhood travel memories
The films that have inspired you travel to particular places
Your experience learning a new language
Places you'd never travel to again
Your favourite travel Instagram-ers
Dealing with homesickness
Your favourite travel quotes
Updated travel bucket list

Funny travel stories from your past trips
Travel photos you're really proud of
How to save money for future travel
Your favourite travel bloggers
The best foods you've tried around the world
Why do you love to travel?
How to choose the right travel insurance for you
10 things you (the reader) might not know about *insert place or culture etc here*
What made you start a travel blog
The best credit cards for travel bonuses

Hopefully, if you are a travel blogger, you can take inspiration from some of these titles and carry on creating content. It's a scary time right now and the travel industry is being hit hard. I'm lucky that while a lot of my content IS travel-related, I chose to never have one 'niche' so I post about books, beauty, food and more alongside my travels. If that doesn't apply to you, though, I hope this post is helpful. More than anything, stay safe and keep your spirits up.


  1. These are fab suggestions. I'd love to read a post from someone about the places they'd never travel again - we don't often see posts like that!x

  2. I bet so many have such a back cataloge of images to create posts like this too! xx

  3. Some amazing suggestions here. A lot of people are feeling stuck with what to post at the minute x

  4. I'm lucky that I don't go anywhere anyway so the ban isn't really affecting me - eeek!

  5. It must be tough doing this and not being able to get out, I hope everything goes back to normal soon.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  6. I am so hoping we can g back to normal soon!

  7. Really great ideas for content

  8. Such a good list of ideas for travel bloggers. It has been such a difficult time for so many people, it's always interesting to see some other sides to the travel blogging community!