Tuesday 16 July 2019

Latest in Beauty | build your own box

Subscriptions boxes are something I've talked about time and time again on my blog, and I think they're such a fun way to treat yourself. When the team from Latest in Beauty gave me a code to build my own box, I was thrilled. So here's what I chose to go inside my Latest in Beauty 'build your own' box*.

Latest in Beauty: build your own box

When you choose the option to build your own box with Latest in Beauty, there are three different 'bag sizes' you can opt for: 3, 6 or 9 products. The boxes are £16, £22 and £25 respectively. My code allowed me to build a one-off bag/box with 6 products in it - delivery is free, and you can make it a recurring thing where you pick your 3/6/9 products every single month!

So, what the heck did I pick to have in mine? Read on to find out the products I chose and whether I think the Latest in Beauty 'build your own' box is worth the money!


In terms of beauty, skincare is probably my favourite genre(???). I have a moisturiser collection that could rival your local branch of Space NK - I really don't need anything more in my skincare draws, but sometimes you just can't resist! So here's the skincare bits I picked up in my Latest in Beauty box...

Being by Sanctuary Caramel Comforting Cake-On Face Mask (10ml) - I really like Sanctuary, but I'm yet to try anything from their 'Being' range and this seemed like a great place to start. However, I can't find anything online about the mask and the brand just seems to have fallen by the wayside a bit. Their Instagram hasn't been updated in a while and there's not many products available to buy online. I'll still use the mask, but it just seems a bit weird...

Sanctuary Spa 1 Minute Daily Glow Mask (5ml) - like I said, I really like the Sanctuary brand so when I saw this mask I decided to pop it in my box. It's absolutely TINY, like I'm not sure it'll cover my entire face. But it sounds like an excellent mask, so I'll be giving it a go at some point!

Nuxe Aquabella Beauty-Revealing Moisturising Emulsion (15ml) - there had to be a moisturiser in here somewhere! I've never tried anything from Nuxe before, because it's priceeeeeey. This does seem to be one of their more affordable products though, and it has big claims about mattifying your skin and making it smooth and fresh.

Bee Good Hydrate, Smooth & Prime Serum (10ml) - I originally got this because I thought it was a primer, and I love primers. But it's actually a priming serum, which you use before moisturiser. It's a youth-enhancing product and I will still use it because I like Bee Good, I just wish I'd read the description before I picked it!


Pureology Hydrate Shampoo (50ml) - I've tried some Pureology products before and loved them, and my hair is dyed at the moment which is great because this is specifically a colour care shampoo. I may save it for my next holiday, or I might just use it when my hair is freshly dyed. A good pick, I think.

Make Up

Lipstick Queen Nothing But the Nudes Lipstick in Blooming Blush (full sized) - I chose this because I've seen a few bloggers on Instagram raving about the brand, and I love a good bandwagon. I swatched it and it's really pretty so I'm sure I'll definitely get a lot of wear out of it, especially in the summer. It's lovely and creamy, and the nude shade is one that's right up my street.

Is the Latest in Beauty 'build your own' box worth it?

At first, I didn't think so. The two Sanctuary masks work out at around the 60p mark as they're such tiny samples, but then the Bee Good and Nuxe products work out at £6.60 and £8.50 respectively as the full sized products are so expensive. The Pureology shampoo works out at £2.99, and the full sized lipstick retails for £22 which is the price of the 6-product box itself. So all in all, the products in the box add up to just over £41 - that's almost double what I would have paid for the build your own box. Still, is it entirely worth it? I'm genuinely not sure. If the Lipstick Queen lipstick is amazing then yeah, I guess so, because then I've paid for the lipstick and got a bunch of sample sized bits alongside it. Time will tell!

Have you ever built your own box with Latest in Beauty?

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  1. Going to have to check this out!! x

  2. I don't using go for the build your own boxes, i like the edits that they do x

    Joyce | www.joycelauofficial.com

  3. I do sometimes find these kind of boxes to be a bit hit or miss depending on how many sample sizes you get x

    Terri // Terri Talks

  4. That lipstick is a beauty! That Nuxe moisturiser is great for summer!

  5. i love the idea of building your own box!! That lippie is absolutely beautiful!

  6. The one thing I always hated about subscription boxes was that it could be such a waste of money if you didn't use everything but I love these where you can build your own!

    Gemma Louise

  7. I love the idea of a build your own box, I'll definitely have to check out this brand out now :) That Lipstick looks beautiful!

    Kate | www.katelovesx.co.uk

  8. This is one of my favourite beauty boxes. The lipstick was a fantastic product to be included.

  9. This is a nice selection of products. In general I think Latest In Beauty are one of the better beauty boxes out their, i like the fact you can pick your own and not receive any unwanted surprises.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  10. What a fantastic box. I love the idea of being able to select my own products as other subscripton boxes can be a bit of a hit or miss if you receive products you don't like x

    Lauren | By Lauren May

  11. I love the Build-Your-own box from them, it's so much fun!

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