Monday 19 September 2016

Pureology haircare // review

You may have noticed, if you've seen any selfies lately, I dyed my hair a lot darker than it's ever been - and I am LOVING it. I knew, though, I'd need to take good care of it. Pureology offered to send me some goodies to give me a helping hand, and it'd be rude to say no, right?

So, their Fulfyll Shampoo* is is interesting - it makes my hair feel SO clean that I can't help but wonder if it's stripping it, but my colour is lasting pretty well so probably not (thankfully). I do, however ABSOLUTELY need a conditioner afterwards - my hair feels almost straw-like when I've rinsed the shampoo off, and makes that squeaky noise if I run my fingers down it. I also find myself needing quite a bit of this, as it doesn't lather too well and I like a good lather. Make of that what you will.

Good job, then, they also sent me the Fulfyll Conditioner*, which is decent as conditioners go. Both products smell nice, and I don't find myself needing a lot of this. My hair is soft and easy to get a brush through when I've used it, and that's really what I look for in a conditioner. The point of this range is to thicken your hair/give it more volume etc, and I'd say it's definitely done that whilst keeping my colour lookin' gooooood.

They also sent the Colour Fanatic Instant Deep-Conditioning Mask* which, frankly, has the worst packaging in the world. It's like those bottles of nail varnish remover they have in salons, where it's a pump that you can use upright by holding the cotton pad over it (you get the gist) but that doesn't really work with conditioner. That aside, this is fab as conditioning masks go, and it smells lush - again, my colour has really lasted and I'd say it's partly thanks to this! I love doing a deep condition, because I just feel like I'm really doing something to look after my hair - even if it doesn't really work... But I think this one does!

Have you tried any Pureology products? Lemme know!

This post contains items sent to me for review, but all words & opinions are my own. See my disclaimer for more information!

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