Sunday 15 March 2020

AD | Planning the perfect party

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It seems like everyone is getting married or celebrating baby showers, birthdays and graduations. And how lovely is that? In such horrifically uncertain times, celebration is, in it self, something to celebrate. Even though you’re probably a bit wary of booking things right now, it’s important that we endeavour to support local businesses and venues during this trying time. There WILL be a time when everything is okay again, and we can move forward and celebrate and party and live our lives to the fullest. So, for when we can, here’s 5 tips for booking the perfect party venue…

Think of how many guests are coming

This might sound obvious, but make sure you compare how many people are on your list to the capacity of the venue. You don’t want a 100-person event to take place in a room that holds 1000, because it’ll look really really empty in there. And you deserve to feel as though you’ve got the whole world celebrating in your honour!

Photo by Marc Babin

Consider guests with dietary requirements

Make sure you have a rough idea of how many people will need specialised menus. If your gluten free best friend or your lactose-intolerant niece is coming to the party, make sure there are options for them and that they will be prepared in a safe way. Living with dietary restrictions is really difficult, so it's a good idea to keep this in mind so everyone can enjoy the party!

Use apps and websites to help you book

If you hate using the phone (like me and most other people of my generation) then don’t forget you can book tables, private dining restaurants and venues online or via an app. Send an email, fill in a form or simply send a message on Instagram or Facebook - it couldn’t be easier to plan and book the perfect party in 2020. You can opt to book a booth at your favourite nightclub, hire out a local hall or event space, reserve an entire area of the best restaurant in town... whatever you choose, there are so many options when it comes to planning the perfect party for whatever you're celebrating. Big or small, with or without food, open bar or not - the options are truly endless.

Pick a theme

I love a good theme. You can go all out, with a ‘90s denim party or a Hawaiian-themed shin dig - think dress codes, inflatables, photo booth props and more. Or you can simply pick a colour scheme and run it throughout - rose gold and pale pink makes a gorgeous colour scheme, or something like black and silver for a really grown up vibe. Head to Home Bargains or get on Amazon/eBay and see what you can find to jazz your party up. For balloons and the like, be sure to support small businesses in your local area. You can always find these on Instagram or just by asking around!

Photo by Marvin Meyer

Set yourself a budget

Another quite obvious one but, seriously, pick a budget and try to stick to it. Of course you want your party or event to be absolutely perfect but don’t let it bankrupt you. Simply being with your loved ones and celebrating whatever it is you’re celebrating will be fantastic enough!

So there you have it - some perfect party planning tips. If you have any more, drop them in the comments below…

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