Tuesday 12 June 2018

My top 5 places to eat in Liverpool

Recently I've been going out for food a lot which basically has no downsides because I love food, and luckily Liverpool is jam-packed with restaurants and cafés and bars that serve food. So here's my top 5 places to eat in our lovely crazy city - let me know your recommendations too!

Para Ti
Para Ti // top of the list is my favourite tapas bar, which is tucked away at the bottom of Mathew Street up some steps, and honestly you'd probably miss it if you weren't looking for it. It's very authentically Spanish, and the food is just on another level - it's about £50 for 5 tapas dishes, cheesy garlic bread and two glasses of wine which is easily enough for two people because everything is huge. I would sooooo highly recommend this place if you're in town; the staff are lovely and the decor is gorgeous, too.

Mowgli // most people have been to or at least heard of Mowgli by now, but I had to include it; there's one on Bold Street and a newer/bigger one on Water Street. You get real personal interaction with the staff (no conveyer belt nonsense like some chains tend to have) and the food is absolutely stunning. It's fairly affordable, too - for two of us last time we had a main each, some rice/potatoes/bread and a drink each and it was just over thirty quid. They're popping up all over the country now so definitely check them out!

Il Forno
Il Forno // I've reviewed this place before (check that out here) but if you want somewhere a little bit special that does beautiful Italian food and fancy cocktails in a really pretty setting, this is the place for you. It's fairly pricy but for a birthday or anniversary, or just a Treat Yourself day, it's so very worth a wander up to Duke Street.

American Pizza Slice // for somewhere cheap, cheerful and relatively quick, this is the one. Their pizza is to die for and the deals are really good value. There's one on Bold Street and one near the Metquarter - they play good tunes, do decent beer and it's an all round good vibe.

Chaophraya // I'd never really eaten Thai food until I first went here a few years ago, but it was worth the wait - also they have fish swimming around and it's so beautiful decorated. They have a really good wine selection, too, if that's what you're into, and some very fancy puddings. Again it's a bit expensive but for something special, I wouldn't hesitate!

What's the best restaurant in YOUR city?

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