Sunday 23 July 2017

6 things I won't travel without

When it comes to city breaks and trips away, I like to think I have this packing thing down. There are certain things now that I just won't go on holiday without - so here they are.

An extension plug 

We have an extension plug that has 4 sockets and one plug - so we only need to take one adaptor but we can use four different items at any one time. Sure it's pretty bulky but you can get them for really cheap and use them at home too, whereas adaptor plugs ALWAYS seem to go missing. A bit like bobby pins and your favourite socks.

A portable charger  

Still on the theme of electricity etc, I always pack my portable charger - my phone is a bit of a lifeline: Google Maps, the camera and transport apps are all really important and extremely helpful. Everyone knows iPhones die at around midday, so a portable charger is really handy to make sure you don't have to be without your phone!


Okay so I don't take my entire skincare collection with me (obv) but I do try to take enough products to be able to stick to a routine. I have quite bad eczema, and I'm sensitive to changes in water type so my skin knows when I'm abroad, and will kick off about it. Having my skincare with me means I know I can keep it at bay and stop myself looking awful/being in pain.

Playing Cards

Especially if there's a few of you, playing cards are so fun. I've always played cards on holiday, and it's just not something I tend to do at home - but relaxing with a drink and a game of rummy or go fish is soooo chill and nice, and you can play on your own (patience or elevens, for example) if you're bored while your holiday chums are napping/getting ready/sunbathing.

My rucksack 

Cute clutch bags and beach bags with pom-poms on are all well and good but a rucksack is so much more practical - you can actually fit stuff in! It's easy to carry! A rucksack allows you to split the weight evenly meaning if you're out and about all day you don't end up with one sore arm or shoulder, so you can carry more stuff and make sure you've got everything you need.

Sanitary protection

You just never know when you're going to get caught short - at least I don't, because my periods are all over the places. So I always make sure to pack a few reusable sanitary towels (a more sustainable option to use, especially when travelling) and comfortable knickers just incase. To read more about reusable sanitary protection, click here!

What are your packing must-haves for a holiday/city break?

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