Saturday 1 April 2017

Trying reusable cloth pads for the first time

Now you know me, not shy when it comes to talking about periods and sex and bodily functions etc, so I relish the chance to try something new and write about it. When a company called Earthwise Girls sent me over some reusable cloth pads* to try out, I was all about it. I'm always on the look out a sustainable, eco-friendly and economical alternative to normal pads and tampons, which can actually be really harmful for your body but that's another story. I've tried a menstrual cup, and I've used period pants, so I was excited to see how I got on with cloth pads.

After a few minutes of confusion as to which way to wear them, I went fleece up, pattern down and MY GOD they are comfy. They close on the underneath of your knickers with poppers, which made them feel really secure without any of the annoying sticky patches that normal pads have - and they didn't get all bunched up like normal pads either! After a while I barely noticed I was wearing one, which was great, and went about my day like normal.

two reusable cloth pads on a grey blanket

I usually find myself needing to change normal pads a few times during the day, but these hold so much blood that I didn't need to change it 'til bedtime - so perfect if you work long shifts without a break. They come in 3 sizes: S M & L. I used a medium one during the day, and the L (large? long?) size overnight. Both worked perfectly, and I think the S (small? short? help me out here guys) would be perfect for first or last days when you're spotting.

To wash them, I rinsed them in the sink with hot water; I think this might be the part that puts most people off, but I just ran water over the white fleece bit and watched the water run a rusty brown colour. When the water started to run clear I just chucked them in the washing machine with bath towels and socks and when they came out they looked brand new and still felt soft. I think as long as you thoroughly wash your hands with soapy water after you've rinsed them, there's no issue!

I've had such a positive experience with cloth pads, and they also do panty liners if you're someone who uses those; I'd definitely recommend them, and you can get them in all sorts of patterns which I think is a nice touch to make your period a bit brighter. They're a good option because in the long term they'll save you money, even if they are a bit pricey to begin with, and they're so much better for the environment. There's some really cool ones on Etsy, linked below...

Dinosaur print reusable sanitary towel
Shark print reusable cloth pad
Ouija print reusable sanitary towels

Sorry this was a bit of a long one, but I think it's an important topic - it's a really easy swap you can make to do your bit for saving the planet!

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    1. Glad to see someone spot lighting cloth pads!! Not everyone can/is comfortable sticking stuff up in there and these are the best alternative. Comfy, eco friendly, cost effective and healthier for our bodies!
      So glad you had a great experience too.

  2. I'm really interested in trying out cloth pads, purely because I can't help but think of all the waste that comes along with sanitary towels and tampons. I'm a little frightened of menstrual cups because my flow is so heavy, but reusable cloth pads sound like something that would really work for me! I think I need to purchase some.

    Olivia - The Northernist x