Sunday 2 April 2017

Afternoon tea @ The Hilton

Life lately has been beyond hectic: we're at uni, we're freelancing, we've been arranging #CarnLIVal and trying to keep on top of our own blogs and YouTube channels as well as working other jobs. But a few days ago we decided enough was enough, and with a voucher left over from Christmas, headed to The Hilton in Liverpool for afternoon tea.

We got there and after a bit of faff, sat down on some comfy sofas at a table set out for afternoon tea. Then, after a ten minute wait, a waiter came over to take our voucher and ask what sandwiches we wanted - we opted for just ham, if you're interested, and then we waited some more until our food arrived. It was on a wooden shelf box thing, rather then your traditional cake stand, which was lovely, and the food itself was actually gorgeous.

But here's the thing - they didn't bring us anything to drink. No tea or coffee (at afternoon tea, no less) and no prosecco, as was stated in our voucher. I thought maybe they'd realise but no, so I had to get up and go to the bar to ask for a drink. We still didn't get any tea or coffee, but did get our cold drinks - prosecco for me, and diet coke for Sam.

The whole experience was weird - the food was lovely and it's good that you can swap your prosecco for a soft drink but they didn't tell us what any of the cakes were, which I found odd, and of course we were left waiting around for ages and didn't get anything to drink until we asked. It wasn't particularly busy, and as someone who used to regularly prepare afternoon teas in my old job, I couldn't understand why somewhere like The Hilton can't do it right. When it's meant to be £25 a head, this irked me. Good food, bad service - and the service is a big part of it.

Would I recommend afternoon tea at The Hilton? No, honestly, I wouldn't - and I was left feeling really disappointed.

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