Tuesday 7 May 2019

The perfect travel gift ideas

I love to buy gifts for people, whether it's their birthday or Christmas or they need some cheering up, that align with their hobbies and the things they enjoy; with that in mind, I've compiled a list of some of the very best gifts you can buy for people who LOVE to travel...

a collage of travel gift ideas such as a suitcase, camera, hairbrush and more

I love this travel cable organiser and I actually have one of these myself; it's so handy for putting all my electrical items in like charging wires, my portable charger (another great gift for travel-lovers, actually) alongside headphones and memory cards or whatever else you might need! Another handy organisational gift you can buy is a travel document wallet - I've included two in this gift guide, and both are slightly different. The first is this paper travel wallet from Etsy I have one like this and it's only made of card, so it takes up barely any room and is absolutely perfect for paper items such as boarding passes, print-outs of any hotel information etc, and good old fashioned paper maps. The second is this gorgeous Sky + Miller bee travel wallet which as you can imagine is right up my street, and is a lot bigger/more sturdy so your passport and EHIC, travel cash card etc can all go in here too!

In terms of beauty items for travel lovers, I've included this really cute false lash storage case which is perfect for your more glamorous travel pals: you can store three pairs of lashes in here and it has a mirror for on-the-go application, and I think it's SO handy if you're a lash-wearer! Shampoo bars are perfect for long-term travel, and if you only have hand luggage; Lush do loads of different ones, as well as little tins to store them in to save making a mess in your make up bag. The little compact Tangle Teezers are perfect for travel as they really do work, so you're not having to compromise on looking after your hair to save space - and they have the cutest designs ever, like this Hello Kitty one.

Typical travel gifts include, of course, luggage: a nice suitcase that isn't going to fall apart is absolutely essential, whether that's a cabin size suitcase or one to go in the hold. If it's long-term or more outdoor kind of travel, a nice (but really big) rucksack is ideal! If whoever you're buying for is a digital nomad, a travel blogger/youtuber or just really addicted to Netflix then they might travel with their laptop and it really needs to be protected, so a nice laptop case is a really good gift - I got mine from Primark but Etsy have loads of cute ones AND you can personalise them. The J-Pillow is quite expensive as travel pillows go, but I've heard nothing but good things about it and most people need a good night's sleep to function and really enjoy their travelling, so this is a great gift idea; it's also perfect for people who are inter-railing and getting overnight trains!

a bike in bruges leaning against a wall

Sustainable travel is really important, and there are some great travel gift ideas that fall into that category: a menstrual cup is ideal for long term travel and while it might seem like a strange gift to buy someone, they're kind of pricey (though a great money-saving option in the long run) so your eco-friendly chums will definitely appreciate this kind of thing. Bamboo cutlery sets are really handy to have especially for more outdoors-y travel or staying in hostels, and they're not too expensive to pick up. A lot of people can't be without their caffeine fix, and this collapsible coffee cup is amazing in terms of saving space and also eliminating the need for single-use coffee cups. And it's pink.

Last but not least, some miscellaneous bits: a Fuji Instax camera, or similar, because they don't take up too much room and are a great way to make and curate instant memories. Also one of those funky plugs that can be used anywhere, for anything - kind of pricey but bound to come in handy, especially if you're buying for someone that goes to a lot of different destinations! And to quell any boredom on journeys or during down time, a random game of some sort like this QI travel game or just a simple deck of cards...

Sorry that was such a long blog post - I haven't even included half of the items that might be spot on as a gift for travel lovers such as passport holders, portable speakers or plastic ponchos but if I had, we'd be here all day. Hopefully this has provided some gift-buying inspiration for you, though!

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  1. There are some brilliant suggestions here. My cousin is an air hostess so there spacee saving gifts are perfect. I like the funky plug. Thank you 😊

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