Saturday 22 July 2017

Festival essentials checklist

You might know I'm heading to V Festival in August, and I'm already thinking about what I need to pack so I thought I'd put together a list of my festival essentials - mostly so I can look back at it myself when the time comes!

Dry Shampoo - gotta stay fresh
Deodorant - again, gotta stay fresh
Hand Sanitiser - it's gross in those toilets
Toilet Roll - for when those toilets run out
Energy Drinks - because you won't sleep much
Bumbag - it's so easy to carry stuff around in a bum bag and they look SO CUTE
Baby Wipes - ain't nobody got time to queue for those showers
Cereal Bars - energy. food. sustenance.
Onesie - it gets freezing of a night, trust me

Wellies - so muCH MUD
Glitter - best believe I'm covering myself in the stuff
Clothes - honestly, I would probably forget clothes if I didn't write it down here
Underwear - see above
Money - festivals are expensive AF
Drinks - alcoholic or not, you don't wanna de-hydrate
Sleeping Bag - gotta sleep somewhere
Tent - I almost forgot to write this one. It's so obvious. Why am I like this. Also take a padlock nobody can get in and nick your stuff.
Blanket - this was my dad's addition because he's old :)
Sunglasses - it will 98% definitely rain but you still need sunnies
Powerbank - if like me you plan on snapchatting the entire festival then u gon' need power

No doubt I will have forgotten a ton of stuff so please feel free to comment your own essentials below and let me know what I've missed out! If you're looking for festival advice, or just want to know a bit more about what festivals are on at the moment, Go Girl have released their very own interactive festival map with loads of advice, information and articles for you to enjoy - it's well worth a read.

If you're going to a festival this summer, stay safe, have fun and don't forget your glitter.

This post was written in collaboration with Go Girl, but all words/opinions are my own as always; please see my disclaimer for more info if necessary.

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  1. Lots of charged up little battery things for your phone.....always useful