Monday 24 July 2017

Technic blush & bronze palette

I didn't manage to snag many leftover goodies from #CarnLIVal for myself (bad planning on my part) but one thing I did keep hold of was the Technic blush & bronze palette. I've only recently started getting into cream products, and I wanted to see how it would compare to other blushers and bronzers in my collection.

You get eight colours in the palette, and you can pick it up from various places for as little as £2.99 - I think the most expensive I've ever seen it is a fiver! There's four blushers - a coral, a peach, a browny-pink and a bright pink - and four bronzers: an orange, a warm brown, a gold and a cooler-toned brown. They're all shimmery and fairly pigmented, they don't smell funny and they're genuinely lovely colours.

I tend to use a stippling brush for the blushers and just bounce it onto my cheeks, blending it out a bit with a sponge if necessary, and for the bronzers I apply them with my fingers and blend with a sponge. They're easy to work with; some cream products can be really stiff but these are smooth and blend well. I was expecting them to be a bit greasy, but honestly they're not - and they last a decent amount of time on the skin, too.

All in all, I love this palette and Technic are an incredible brand if you're into budget beauty!

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  1. This palette looks great! What a bargain!

    Emily xo