Tuesday 25 July 2017

Catrice 24h Made to Stay Make Up

Whenever I travel to Europe I end up buying a ton of make up as well as a hefty amount of skincare - and one of my most recent purchases is the Catrice 24h Made to Stay Make up, a 'drugstore' foundation that you can pick up for the equivalent of about 7 quid in most European countries. Catrice are owned by the same company as Essence, and as far as I know they're cruelty free.

just applied

So - onto the foundation. I have the second lightest shade (010 nude beige) and it's a decent match for me, even though I'm pretty pale. Shade range is where this foundation falls down; there are only 4 shades and if you're anything darker than olive-skinned you won't get anything that comes close, which is a real shame and the sooner brands start catering to all skin tones, the better.

I've tried this with a few different primers, and it works the same with them all; it's pretty full coverage, so a bit of colour correcting underneath followed by this and I'm all covered. The thing with this foundation is it always looks a bit dry at first - I barely add any powder but it still looks a bit dry/borderline cakey. This can be rectified with a load of setting spray/Fix+ though, and I always find this foundation looks a bit better after 2/3 hours wear which makes it perfect for all day. It doesn't last flawlessly, but it does still look boss at the end of a long day/after a busy pub shift, so that's fine by me. Would I say it lasts for 24 hours ... probably not, but who's wearing their make up that long anyway?!

A full day later

Honestly, I'd completely recommend this. Shade range could obviously be so much better but everything else is pretty much spot on for me!

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