Thursday 3 August 2023

6 recent reads | July 2023

As we're now officially in August (where has this year gone?!) I thought I'd share another recent reads post with all of the books I devoured in July. It's not as many as I would have liked, but I did participate in 'stuff your Kindle day' and got loads of freebies, so I've got plenty to get through. It's been a busy old time, though, so hopefully my next recent reads post will be longer!

The Naked Chef by Twyla Turner

Now, I like a smutty/steamy book but fair warning this might be the smuttiest I've ever read - there is more sex than plot, so if you're into that then give it a go. There is still a plot, though, and it follows single sex-obsessed plus size gal Mia who had her heart ripped open by her ex. She can conquer pretty much any man, but she only wants a little 'wham bam thank you mam' kinda fling; enter ex-porn star Dante, who has decided it's time to settle down and has got his eyes on Mia. The whole thing centres on whether or not they'll break each other down and get what they want. It's pretty good, actually!

Fallen Legend by Emmanuelle Snow

I *loved* this book, because it's about a country music star who has given up his shining career to be a full time dad to his two little girls after their mother walks out without a backwards glance. In an attempt to get back out on tour, he hires a nanny and quite frankly, the rest is history... This one has just the right balance of plot and smut, and it is genuinely a very nice read.

The Kensington Kidnap by Katie Gayle

Taking a break from the steamy books for a bit, I opted for this cosy-ish mystery book which follows a young rich girl who is venturing back into the world of work after her mother has cut her off (again). She's one of those people who just seems to attract trouble and drama, and the book was a real 'laugh out loud' read for me. Would definitely recommend and I'm looking forward to reading some more Katie Gayle books.

A Body in the Village Hall by Dee Macdonald

I do love a cosy mystery, so I was looking forward to this one and it didn't disappoint - it follows a should-be-retired nurse who has moved to the coast with her alcoholic sister in a bid to find some peace and quiet. At a women's group at the village hall, they find the opposite: a murder. Being a nurse, our main character gets swept up in what's happened and tries to investigate herself while simultaneously falling head over heels for the policeman. A great read!

Pitching My Best Friend by Sasha Lace

This is one of the shortest books I've ever read, which was disappointing as I was enjoying it a lot. It's a friends to lovers romance following a superstar Premier League football player and the daughter of his manager, who have known each other for years and want to pursue a relationship - much to her dad's dismay. Will they, won't they, should they?! I honestly read this in about 20 minutes but had it been longer, I know it would have been even better.

Grumpy Fake Boyfriend by Jackie Lau

I wasn't expecting much from this given that the title is literally the name of the trope, but I actually absolutely loved this book and thought it was so well written. It has two POVs, Will and Naomi - he's a grumpy writer, she's his best friend's little sister, he's agreed to be her fake boyfriend for a couples vacay and she's secretly harbouring a crush on him. It's a really cute store with a good plot, plenty of steamy bits, and characters you're actually rooting for. Highly recommend this one!
It actually turns out that *all* the books I read in July were ones I got during stuff your Kindle day - did you participate? Let me know!

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