Sunday 25 June 2023

Recent romance reads | June 2023

I've been absolutely slacking on updating my blog with my recent reads posts, and I've ended up with a list of soooo many books I've read but not shared. So I thought I'd do something different and break it down by genre this time!

You Had Me at Halloumi by Ginger Jones

I bought this from The Works ageeees ago and it's been on my TBR trolley ever since, but I was in the mood for something light and sunny when we got back from our recent holiday. Set in Cyprus, this follows chef Freya who's at a bit of a dead end with everything; she enters a cooking competition hosted on the island and heads off to try her luck. The book is filled with Greek food and recipes, the drama of a competition, and of course a little bit of holiday romance... I absolutely adored this fun novel, which isn't too smutty but still packs a punch. Highly recommend if you're away to Greece this year or just dreaming of a trip...

Lovestruck by Laura Jane Williams*

I was sent a proof of this a while back, and it's just come out in the past week or so. I loved the way this is written, as it shows you what would happen if Becca texted her ex back as well as what would happen if she didn't. You get to see the same storyline from two altered timelines, and I found that really interesting. It's a lovely romance, about trying to find Mr Right and about how important platonic love is too. Another one I'd definitely recommend!

By a Thread by Lucy Score

While I was away I only had my kindle with me, and I made use of my unlimited subscription to read a *lot* of books; a few of these were by Lucy Score, known for her veryyy smutty romance novels. This is a standalone one about a young woman called Ally, who gets fired from a waitressing job and ends up working for the grumpiest boss ever at a fashion mag. She's broke, and needs the job to pay her father's nursing home bills. Ally and her boss, Dominic, don't see eye to eye at first but of course, that doesn't last long... I enjoyed this one a lot, as I have with all of Lucy's books so far.

Blue Moon series (1-3) by Lucy Score

Three more Lucy Score novels I've read recently are the first 3 installments in her Blue Moon series. The first, No More Secrets, follows journalist Summer who visits the Pierce family farm in Blue Moon Bend to write an article about small-town life there. Predictably (but deliciously) she falls for moody farmer Carter and, thanks to the matchmakers who live nearby, they embark on a shaky but steamy romance which threatens to fall apart when Summer reveals a big secret about her health. I literally ate this book up, and dived straight into the next two: Fall into Temptation and The Last Second Chance. These follow Carter's brothers, Beckett and Jackson, on their own sexually-charged romanc journeys with women in the town. The whole series is gorgeous, smutty, charming and superbly written. There are 8 in total and I'll definitely be reading the rest soon!

Summer Reading by Jenn McKinlay

I got an ARC of this on Netgalley, and I thought it was simply gorgeous. Samantha is visiting Martha's Vineyard to look after her teenage brother while her dad is travelling around Europe; the story is about her trying to bond with this young boy, while she battles her dyslexia as she falls head over heels for a handsome librarian. This is a really poignant description of somebody who has dyslexia, something I've never read about before, and I loved the tender relationships - not just romantic, but familial and platonic too - described in this lovely book. Highly recommend!

You are Here by Eva Woods

This was another Netgalley ARC, and actually another book which is told through a 'what if' lens. It's Ellie's wedding day and she is having major second thoughts - the book goes back in time to a series of decisions she's had to make, and plays out the result of both sides of each. I was a tiny bit confused in some parts but overall, this is a really interesting romance which shows the vast importance of all those little choices we make in life. 

The Last Word by Katy Birchall

Another Netgalley ARC, and another one I really enjoyed - journalist Harper is working alongside her nemesis Ryan and of course, they're not getting along. Something went down between them a decade earlier, and Harper just can't let it go. As their careers progress and throw them into some interesting situations, though, things might be changing between them... A fantastic enemies to lovers romance, if that's your thing! It is mine, and I really liked this one.

Whew. I'm sure there's more but if you're looking for a new romance to read, I'd recommend pretty much all of these. I'll be sharing the thrillers I've read recently too, so keep your eyes peeled for that if murder is more your cup of tea!


  1. By A Thread is on my TBR pile for summer, I can't wait to read it after your review!

  2. I've seen Lovestruck everywhere and been so tempted to pick it up (mostly because of the cover tbh, it's so pretty!) so I think I'll have to now after seeing your little review.