Friday 7 July 2023

Recent thriller reads | July 2023

I've definitely been branching out in terms of genres this year, but I've still read a lot of thrillers and crime-related books throughout 2023. I decided to split my most recent reads into genres because I've been so busy I've not been keeping up with my blog - you can catch up on my romance reads here, and carry on reading for my thoughts on the thrillers I've read recently...

Her Husband's Murder by Jaime Lynn Hendricks

I really enjoyed this one - set at a wedding where the groom unexpectedly dies, it runs through a friendship group who all had reasons and means to commit the crime. It's a really interesting look at toxic relationships and how easily people can be manipulated, and I would definitely recommend!

The Builder by C J Morrow

This one is a bit far fetched but it was an easy read; a woman living with her dickhead husband, having an extension built, being generally miserable. Between her and the builder, they make a decision that will change their lives forever... Again, far fetched but an okay read if you're looking for something quick.

The Wrong Key by A J Campbell

I loved this; it follows a business woman who heads out to America with her daughter, in the midst of something really suspicious happening in the company she works for. The story sees her try to figure this out, while falling in love with her new neighbour and trying to get used to life in the US - then her daughter disappears, and everything is thrown into a whole new light... Highly recommend this one.

The Bride to Be by Daniel Hurst

I've read so many Daniel Hurst books, and I think this is one of my favourites. It follows bride to be Kate, who's fiancé is a bit of a dick - she's out buying her wedding dress when she sees a couple in the shop, and instantly she wishes her life was just like theirs. Unfortunately this turns her into a bit of a stalker, and things really just spiral from there... Really good read!

Find You First by Linwood Barclay

I love love love Linwood Barclay, his books honestly never disappoint. This one follows a millionaire who suddenly has a reason to try and find all of the kids born as a result of his sperm donation; he starts researching into where they all are and what they're all doing, but he soon realises something is very, very wrong... I think of all the books in this blog post, I'd recommend this one the most. Just a fascinating storyline that's been written really well.

Have you read any of these? Let me know what you thought or if you have any recommendations!

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