Sunday 9 July 2023

13 photos that will make you want to visit the Albanian Riviera

I am missing Albania sooo much, so I thought I'd pop together a bit of a photo collection from our recent trip - all of these photos, in my opinion, showcase the beauty of the Albania Riviera. It's going to be such a booming holiday destination soon and I feel so lucky to have visited already!

Some stunning painted dishes in Gjiorkaster ~ An old anchor amongst flowers on the promenade in Sarande

Sea views for days in Sarande, on the Albanian Riviera

Visiting the Blue Eye just outside of Sarande, Albania is a must during your riviera trip

The views from Butrint National Park near Sarande, Albanian Riviera

Ksamil, Albanian Riviera, is hailed as the 'Maldives of Europe' and it's not hard to see why!

The stunning UNESCO World Heritage town of Gjirokaster where we ate traditional Albanian food and visited the Cold War tunnels ~ Another shot from the gorgeous Blue Eye, Sarande

Breathtaking views across the Albanian Riviera from Lekuresi Castle, Sarande

Settling in to watch the sunset in Sarande on the Albanian Riviera

One of the most gorgeous sunsets in Albanian during our time there ~ A cute shot of the beach in Sarande, Albania

The gorgeous harbour in Sarande, the perfect place for cheap drinks and ice cream with beautiful views

I honestly couldn't recommend a trip to the Albanian Riviera more - it's a gorgeous and currently very affordable holiday destination which is set to see a big boom in tourism. We stayed in Sarande, but if you're after more of a party vibe then definitely head to Ksamil. I have a blog post sharing how to get to Sarande, because it isn't as straightforward as other destinations, but bloody hell it's worth it. 

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  1. I hear a lot of positive things from Albania and it'll be the next big destination after Croatia has been overrun in the past couple of years. A big pull for me would be the unspoilt nature, the relaxed beaches and crystal clear waters. How is it getting around language-wise?

    Carolin | Solo Travel Story