Sunday 30 July 2023

The Beauty Crop Oui Cherie Primer & Setting Spray | review

It's officially happened - I've bought a TikTok-hyped beauty product. I spend a lot of time on there (and am trying to post regularly over there too @katygilroy879 if you want to drop me a follow) and I see the same products over and over again. I eventually bit the bullet and purchased the Oui Cherie Primer and Setting Spray duo from TikTok Shop, on offer for around £12. 

Ordering from TikTok Shop

This was my first time ordering something via the app, so I think I got a first time buyer's discount of some sort. The price changes all the time when you buy through the app anyway, but I thought £12 was reasonable as the 'normal' price for this duo is about £22-26. You can also order it on ASOS as well as The Beauty Crop's own website. Ordering on TikTok Shop was easy and it came fairly quickly and really well packaged, with free delivery.

The products and the finished look!

First impressions of the Oui Cherie duo

Despite being the 'XXL' Oui Cherie primer, I actually think the tube is quite small. The Oui Cherie setting spray is of an average size, and the packaging of both is fairly sturdy. I tried the primer on the back of my hand first and it definitely felt different to how I imagined - I was expecting something really tacky, bordering on sticky, but to me it just felt like a gel moisturiser. The spray is a dual formula so needs shaking up when you use it and it's quite a fine mist. The primer doesn't have much of a scent but I was definitely picking up the cherry vibe from the setting spray!

How I'm getting on with the products

For reference, I have super dry and dehydrated skin - the reason I bought the Oui Cherie Primer and Setting Spray duo was because my make up simply wasn't lasting, no matter what products I was using. On Friday it was my best friend's 40th birthday party, and I *knew* I would want my make up to look good all night so I decided to go in with the Beauty Crop duo.

I had started by fully ensuring my skincare was tip top. The night before I used the Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Mask then slathered on some really thick moisturiser by Ziaja. Throughout the day on the Friday I kept moisturising, and finally it was time to finish work and get ready! I went in with the Primark dupe of the Bobbi Brown Face Base and then used the Oui Cherie Primer all over my face. The product itself is red, and I do think it made my face look a bit redder than it normally does (and it normally looks very red!) so that was quite annoying. I don't think it would work for me with a CC cream, for example, because I have a lot of redness generally.

I set the primer with some of the Oui Cherie Setting Spray because I see the girlies on TikTok do this, and then I went in with the YSL Touche Éclat Le Teint Foundation which has about a medium coverage. I really love this one, as high end foundations go. I then did the rest of my make up, including two types of concealer, powder contour, liquid blush, baked powder highlighter, cream eyeshadow and my brows. Then it was time to lock it all in place with the Beauty Crop Oui Cherie Dual-Phase Setting Mist. I felt like I needed quite a lot of it, because it comes out so finely, but I was ready to go and my make up looked really nice.

How it looked with just the primer & foundation VS 6-7 hours later at the end of the night (ft. very smudged and worn-off lipstick, we keep it real here I was incredibly drunk lol)

The verdict

By the time the party finish 6 hours later, my make up was still looking good. This is such a rarity for me and I was so so so impressed. Normally my chin and forehead are the problem areas, but my make up was still sitting perfectly on my face. These two Beauty Crop products are definitely going to be a staple in my make up routine now! They didn't irritate my skin and paired together, they did a great job of keep everything on my skin where it should be. Bravo! These will definitely be products I pack for our next trip, too, because looking good on holiday is definitely important to me.

Have you ever tried any products from The Beauty Crop? Let me know!

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