Sunday 19 May 2019

Gdańsk travel diary | day 1

Monday 13th May 2019 | 17,267 steps

We arrived at our Airbnb in the early hours of Monday morning after an uneventful (and thankfully on-time!) Wizz Air flight from Liverpool, and fell in love with it - THIS is where we stayed and it was great. It's away from the main area of the city, so the area is potentially nice and quiet (there's construction going on in the day time currently) but it doesn't take too long to get to the bars, restaurants and museums. If you want some money off your first Airbnb stay, sign up through my link HERE.

different coloured buildings in gdansk old town

me standing in front of a metal sign spelling out GDANSK

Anyway, after a bit of kip we got up and got ready to start exploring. We decided that our first day would be dedicated to getting our bearings, because we were pretty tired and I always find it helps to establish where you are in relation to other things/places at the beginning of a trip. With that in mind we spent the afternoon wandering over bridges and down side streets, taking photos as we went - finding that the city sign and the famous AmberSky wheel were really near our apartment. There are so many stunning buildings in Gdańsk, especially on Dluga which is the main drag of the old town, home to the Neptune Fountain and other various landmarks. It's also where you'll find plenty of bars, restaurants and cafés as well as two tourist information centres should you need them.

photo of the Neptune fountain in gdansk

We had lunch at a little Italian, but I'll be putting together a 'Where we ate in Gdańsk' blog post similar to this one I wrote about where we ate in Warsaw, so I won't go into it now. Keep your eyes peeled for that! We also popped into Pub Bruderschaft for a drink which was really nice - it's a cosy underground jazz bar that I'd found on Instagram before we went, and it didn't disappoint.

me standing in front of 4 prussian hag statues in Gdansk

Monday was kind of a bitty day, in all honesty - we walked down the canal to get some information about the pirate ship ride we wanted to do later in the week, and managed to find the Prussian hag statues that I'd spotted on Atlas Obscura, which were so cool. We also headed to the supermarket to stock up on beer, pizza monster munch and various other food/drink items to keep in the apartment for as and when we needed them.

fountains in front of a red building in gdansk

By this point we were knackered from travelling, lack of sleep & loads of walking so we went back to the apartment to chill out and freshen up before going out for dinner at the Hard Rock Café. Then it was time for an early night ahead of our second day in Gdańsk...

Stay tuned for day 2 of my Gdańsk travel diary!

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