Saturday 8 June 2019

Where we ate in Gdańsk, Poland

I love love love putting these 'where we ate' posts together, as food is such an important part of any trip for me. So without further ado, because who needs a lengthy intro with such a self-explanatory title, here's the lowdown on where we ate in Gdańsk, Poland.

Sempre, Dluga

On the main drag, Długa, there are SO many restaurants to choose from and for our first meal in Gdańsk we chose here: it's an Italian restaurant, and a chain (sort of - there's two in Gdańsk and one in the nearby city of Sopot). They had pretty much just opened for the day when we went in for lunch, and we both opted for pizza; P had a Tyskie beer and I had a tequila sunrise, because I was feel optimistic about being on holiday even though it had barely gone midday. The pizza was delicious and was accompanied by olive oil, garlic olive oil (the best) and spicy olive oil. So I had a Margherita pizza but I doused it in garlic olive oil and it was totally *chef's kiss*. In total it came to 99zloty, which included a tip that was automatically put onto the bill - we didn't mind but that's something to bear in mind. This converts to £20.39 in GBP.

Hard Rock Cafe, Długa

Okay, so this definitely a chain restaurant - but we visited the Hard Rock in Warsaw in January, and got these cool commemorative glasses so we decided to make it a recurring thing. Alas, we couldn't get the glasses but the food was amazing! We each had these massive cocktails, mine was some sort of watermelon mojito and P had something else - they were SO strong and both tasted lovely. I opted for the twisted mac n cheese which comes topped with chicken, and garlic bread on the side, and P had fajitas which were huge and you put them together yourself so you get the right amount of everything. Everything was so good and of course, the Hard Rock is a cool experience. It came to 158.80 zloty before we added a tip, which we did. This converts to £32.68 in GBP.

Billy's American Restaurant, Warzywnicza

We opted to go here for a big brunch, but there was nothing on the breakfast menu that I would eat as it was mostly egg based and I don't eat eggs - P had eggs and something or other, and I had chicken and chips which isn't technically brunch but was absolutely delicious. The portions were a really decent size, and it filled us up for the day ahead perfectly. We both had a large coke, too, and they put a little bucket of salted popcorn on the table which is free! In total it came to 82.80 zloty before tip. This converts to £17.00 in GBP.

Machina Eats & Beats, Chlebnicka

Absolutely 100000% my favourite restaurant out of all the ones we visited; it's kind of like subway, but posh and for pasta. Basically, you choose which shape/type of pasta you want, the sauce you want and then all the things you want in it - I opted for conchiglie with cream sauce, and chicken, broccoli and garlic. P had linguine with salmon and some other stuff, and we both had massive cocktails - mine was a raspberry Aperol Spritz (omg) and P had a mojito. I was stuffed after my pasta: huge portion size, and also they don't scrimp on the fillings - there was plenty of chicken! P had room for pudding and had a pavlova and a coffee, and it still only came to 150 zloty, before tip, and we got free badges with their slogan 'no fun without gluten' on which made us laugh a lot. This converts to £30.81 in GBP.

Original Burger, Długa

On our final night in Gdańsk, we went out for burgers; this place has such cool decor, and the seats we were sat on had come from old cars! We both had a burger and 2 sides (mine was a cheeseburger with onion rings and chips) and we each had a pint. The food was delicious and SO filling, and the staff were really friendly here. It was the perfect quick and easy meal but tasted lovely too, and cost us bang on 80 zloty before tip. This converts to £16.46 in GBP.

Elephant, Długa

Our last meal in Gdańsk was breakfast at another restaurant on Długa, and we sat outside under big umbrellas even though it was kind of drizzly - the staff offered us blankets, too, which was nice. I had   a ham & cheese toastie and a pepsi, and P had eggs & bacon with bread & butter, with a latte. It was lovely, and I completely forgot to take any photos, but you probably know what a ham and cheese toastie looks like. It was 64.50 zloty, not including tip, and for somewhere right on the main street I think that's really decent. This converts to £13.27 in GBP.


So, that's where we ate, in case you're looking for Gdańsk food recommendations; Długa and the surrounding streets have so many restaurants, and the mall (Forum) has a big food court if you're wanting some home comforts like McDonalds, Subway etc. I found food in Gdańsk to be slightly more expensive than food in Warsaw - even though Warsaw is the capital city of Poland, it's much less tourist-y than Gdańsk, I reckon, which I think is why you'll pay for more your meal in Gdańsk. The food is still really good value for money, and I always found the portion sizes to be great and the staff everywhere to be friendly and helpful.

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  1. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how good the food was in Poland! Great post, you've succeeded in making me hungry.

  2. I don't think there's a single picture that didn't make me hungry! x

  3. I need you to be my tour guide! xx

  4. You’re making me crave pasta at 22:00! Thank you for sharing your journey to Poland x Dziękuję :)

  5. All of this food looks so good, I need to go to Gdansk!

  6. Oh wow all of that food looks delicious. I've just had lunch but I feel hungry again now, haha x

    Lauren | By Lauren May

  7. Trying new restaurants and sampling lots of different food is definitely one of the highlights of my trips too!

    Roxie |

  8. I feel like you're going to have me booking a trip to Gdańsk pretty soon, your trip looked amazing. & that pizza sounds right up my street!

  9. Food in Poland is amazing and it's so cheap over there!

    Gemma Louise

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