Thursday 15 February 2018

Where we ate in Lublin

I did a post similar to this for Prague, and really enjoyed writing it - so I thought I'd give you the lowdown on where we ate in Lublin. It's a tiny place but it has some incredible restaurants, and I know that writing this post will have me drooling in no time.

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The first actual restaurant we went to was G20, in the old town. It's a 'resto-bar' and it does cocktails and cask ales, too, and it has a 2 course lunch menu which is amazing value. I decided to be brave and pick off the main menu, which was full of things I'd never really heard of or eaten before, and I opted for cod sirloin with a pea puree, snap peas and risotto topped with a lemon sauce. I'm not a massive fish eater, but honestly this was one of the best meals I've ever had. The cod was so well-cooked, really tender and tasteful, and the pea/lemon flavours were incredible. The risotto came in little balls with breadcrumbs on and they were to DIE for - the whole meal was just so full of flavour and I completely cleared my plate. It wasn't a huge portion but it was enough to leave me feeling full and happy. I also had a cocktail which was possibly a Cosmopolitan but I can't remember, and Sam got a watermelon cocktail but she hates watermelon so we swapped, and they were strooooonnnngggg. The whole meal came to around £17, which wasn't too bad for the quality of the food and the amount of alcohol in the drinks. The decor is aesthetically pleasing, it's warm inside and the staff are relatively friendly. Definitely recommend G20 if you're heading to Lublin!

g20 resto bar lublin interior

2g0 resto bar lublin cod sirloin food

g20 lublin interior

By far my favourite restaurant that we went to, and I think Sam would agree, was Czarcia Łapa. This is also in the old town and it looks so hip inside with mirrors and plants and a slight industrial feel. They do homemade lemonade, so I ordered a blueberry and jasmine lemonade with a shot of vodka, and Sam went for a cocktail, and we each got a coke too because we'd been walking for ages and needed to quench our thirst a bit. The homemade lemonade/vodka combo was delicious, and I pretty much drank most of it while poring over the menu - and honestly I could have ordered so many things. In the end I went for homemade Polish gnocchi with chicken in a creamy sauce, and a side of potato gratin because you can never have too many carbs. Sam opted for pizza and a side of chips cooked with truffle oil and parmesan which were probably the best thing either of us have ever tasted. We were lucky enough to hit the 50% off food time of day, so the whole thing came to less than £20. Two soft drinks, two alcoholic drinks, two mains and two sides. Incredible. The food was amazing (with big portion sizes, too) and the staff couldn't do enough for us. Hands down the best restaurant I've been to in years!

czarcia lapa lublin restaurant interior

czarcia lapa lublin restaurant polish gnocchi

crarcia lapa restaurant lublin interior

czarcia papa restaurant lublin old town food

Last but not least, we went to a lovely little pizzeria in the old town square, which is helpfully called 'Pizzeria Rynek 5' - so you definitely won't get lost. We each had a coke and I went for ham pizza while Sam had pepperoni - except the ham was more like bacon, which I hate, so I just took it off and basically had a margherita but it was absolutely delicious. There's not much to say about pizza and pop but this little pizzeria is cosy and cheap, and the pizza is spot on - and again, the staff are so lovely.

pizzeria rynek 5 lublin interior

where to get pizza in lublin

pizzeria lublin

So that's where we ate in the Polish city of Lublin - if you're heading there, I hope it's helped you and if not, I hope it's made you as hungry to read it as it's made me to write it!

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