Wednesday 19 December 2018

Pros and cons of city breaks

I’m a city break lover and I’ve done my fair share over the years – I go on many more city breaks than I do pool-side holidays, so I thought now would be the time to share some advantages and disadvantages of city breaks as opposed to other types of holidays! Let me know if you agree (or disagree) with any of my points.

Pros of a city break

* You can immerse yourself in a country’s culture, because you’ll likely be doing so much exploring.
* You can tailor it perfectly to you – get flight times that are right for you, pick an apartment or hotel that’s exactly where you want it to be, choose your perfect duration. Often with package holidays, you’re limited to when that package is flying, and what hotels they’ve chosen, and a set 7/10/14 day holiday.
* More quality content for the 'gram because you're exploring rather than sunbathing.
* You don’t have to spend a lot; I once went to Poznan and only spent fifty quid on my flights AND accommodation because I booked it all myself when there were good deals to be had.
* You can go on more holidays, in the end – short city breaks are often the best way to make the most of your annual leave, if that’s something you have to consider, and because they tend to be cheaper than an all-inclusive beach holiday you can sometimes go on three city breaks for the same price as what you’d have spent on that one holiday. They’re more accessible because of this, too.
* You can eat at different restaurants or bars every night, meaning you can try a real variety of food and drink.
* You get to see some really obscure places – I went to Riga, in Latvia, on a city break and that’s never somewhere that pops up when you’re looking for a resort holiday, is it?
* By only being away for a short amount of time, you'll have less to deal with when you get back, and finding a pet-sitter will likely be easier and cheaper if it's just for a couple of days.
* You'll probably only be taking hand-luggage which means getting through the airport is a breeze.

Cons of a city break

* City breaks are not, for the most part, that relaxing – you’re unlikely to have a pool to lounge around by, and you’ll probably be busy most of the time. Having fun, but definitely busy.
* You have to do all the legwork when it comes to booking it; I really enjoy this part, finding the cheapest flights at the best time and picking out a cute apartment, but I know some people would rather have a travel/booking agent do everything. If you ever want a hand with booking a trip, let me know...
* Your holiday might feel too short – if you really fall in love with somewhere, you might find the 2-3 days you’re there just isn’t enough. It’s an excuse to go back, though, I suppose!
* They are truly addictive; this isn’t really a con in my eyes, but travelling can turn into a bit of an expensive hobby if you fall in love with exploring new cities. Worth it, I think.

As you’ve probably guessed, I definitely prefer a city break to a beach holiday – that’s just me, and it’s not to say that city breaks are definitively better than a week by the pool, it’s just that I enjoy them more. This may change as I get older but for now, give me cheap flights to a random Polish city and a top floor Airbnb over a 5* all-inclusive hotel any day! Of course, if you want to turn your city break boujie, you could always head over in a private jet if you look into private jet cost per flight. It might add a fair bit to your overall cost but if you're planning something super special, it could be worth it to you! Chartering a flight is also an option when there's a big (BIG) group of you travelling to split the cost between, so it's always worth looking into...

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  1. I completely agree with what you've said, I think it totally depends on the city on whether or not you enjoy yourself. You couldn't pay me to spend more than a day in London, but I'd love to live in a place like York!