Friday 21 December 2018

Tropic Pure Lagoon | Review

A while back I reviewed the Tropic 'Super Greens' and absolutely loved it - when the press release for their latest serum, Pure Lagoon*, came through, I wondered if it could possibly live up to how amazing the previous offering was/is. I've been trying it out for a while now, and I'd say I've given it enough of a fair shot to write you a nice little review.

My skin is dry, sensitive and red but very prone to blemishes - this can be frustrating because products that are intended to moisturise can often lead to spots, and products that promise to clear your pimples very often dry your skin out. So for me, it's a vicious circle. As the Pure Lagoon serum is targeted at blemish-prone skin, I was worried it would leave me a bit dry and cracked. Like a lizard, but less green and not a member of the elite.

For this reason, I don't whack the stuff all over my skin - the places I tend to get spots are my cheeks and my chin, so I've been popping it there as well as directly onto any whoppers, then letting it dry and following up with a decent moisturiser. This has worked really well for me, and please believe it when I say this stuff is incredible. It reduces redness and can genuinely shrink spots overnight. It has blue spirulina in it, which is anti-inflammatory and therefore reduces redness and any spot-related swelling and inflammation, as well as bioflavonoids and prebiotics which are something to do with bacteria and also hyaluronic acid, meaning it isn't actually too drying.

At £42 for 30ml it is a pricey product, but I can see mine lasting forever as I only need a tiny little bit (I'm talking 1-2 drops) to cover my chin and both cheeks thoroughly. It comes in really nice glass packaging with a pipette, meaning it's sturdy and hygienic and looks good amongst your skincare collection. For something that works as well as this does, I think it's worth the money and I'd definitely recommend it if you get spots that are big, sore or red.

Head to the Tropic website for more info on Pure Lagoon and getting your hands on it.

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