Tuesday 17 April 2018

My city break bucket list

I've been on a lot of city breaks over the years - Kraków, Riga, Prague and other amazing cities, but there's still so many I want to travel to. Every city has something different to offer, something exciting to see and do, and something for everyone. City breaks are my favourite type of holiday because I tend to be able to fit in two or three for the same price as a week all-inclusive somewhere; of course everyone looks for something different in a holiday, and I can't say that city breaks are the most relaxing holidays ever but still, it's refreshing to wake up somewhere that isn't your home town. So without further ado, here's my city break bucket list.

One of my first ever city breaks - Brussels!
Budapest is one of those cities that just looks agonisingly beautiful - the architecture and the lights and the river, it's all stunning. It has thermal baths, a huge city park and of course, Hungarian cuisine which I hear is to die for. I mentioned Budapest in my dream Air B n B stays post (there's an Air B n B there with a slide, so you can understand why the city is so high on my list) and there's plenty of cool things to do, like a cave church and a communism-themed bar.

Stockholm just looks boss, doesn't it? Scandi-chic everything, bright coloured buildings, more than FIFTY bridges. What a cool place to be, you can find some pretty cheap places to stay, too. I want to visit for the light tower that anyone with a smartphone can control, for the devil's bible, and for the wall of fame which is basically a huge graffiti exhibition which would make for some excellent instagram pictures.

Wroclaw is next on my list of Polish cities to visit; I've been to four different cities in Poland and I basically want to travel across the entire country, so I'm always on Skyscanner just typing in 'Poland' and seeing where's cheapest. Anyway, Wroclaw just looks so typically Polish with the pastel buildings and flowers and the dwarf trail; my pal Kirsty has been to Wroclaw and her pictures have me drooling whenever I see them, so it's definitely up there on my list!

Barcelona is somewhere that I've actually been to twice, but each time only for a day - the first time, we spent most of the day at Camp Nou (amazing) and the second time, it was absolutely boiling and we just walked SO MUCH. Both days were great, but I was quite young and uncool and I don't have any nice pictures, I didn't go to any cool bars, and I just did the proper tourist stuff. I want to go to the Bunkers of Carmel, see the mercury fountain and go to the erotic museum.

So they're the cities on my city break bucket list right now - if you've been to any of them, let me know what they were like!

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