Monday 17 December 2018

Six recent reads | dec18

Time for another instalment of my six recent reads - as per usual they all seem to be psychological thrillers, so I promise in 2019 I'm going to aim to read a variety of genres... If you have any recommendations, please hit me up!

The Innocent Wife by Amy Lloyd is a really interesting book - it's about a woman who falls in love with a guy who's on death row, and ends up moving to America to be with him. It's all about whether he did or didn't ~actually~ do it, and it's one of those books that makes you hold your breath at times. I wasn't keen on the ending, which felt a bit rushed, but otherwise I'd recommend it. CLICK HERE TO BUY

I really enjoyed reading Where The Missing Go by Emma Rowley, which is about a woman whose daughter goes missing and she's desperately trying to find her daughter, who has recently called the missing persons helpline where the mum works. It's another of those breathtaking ones and just a genuinely good read! CLICK HERE TO BUY

Watching You by Lisa Jewell definitely lived up to my expectations having read other books of hers - it follows the residents of this fancy bit of Bristol, and there's been a murder and loads of people could have done it, really, because so much is going on that's good and bad and downright terrible. I was so drastically unprepared for the ending of this, too, and I would say out of all of the books in this post this the one I'd recommend the most! CLICK HERE TO BUY

Little Girl Gone by Alexandra Burt is a book I could take or leave - it was alright, but it just seemed to drag on a bit. It's about a woman who's baby disappears without a trace, and she goes a bit insane and has to work with a memory specialist to figure out what happened. It's interesting, just a bit long. CLICK HERE TO BUY

I was recently sent a copy of The Mother in Law* by Sally Hepworth, which comes out next year. It is utterly brilliant - so cleverly written and such an amazing storyline. It's dramatic and sad and really interesting and I genuinely loved reading it. Keep your eyes peeled for its release in April! CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER

The Choice by Samantha King came to me courtesy of The Willoughby Book Club, which I will be blogging about soon, and it's a brilliant book about a woman who has to choose which of her kids to be killed (brutal) and what happens in the aftermath. It was honestly heart-stopping and SO good, a definite recommendation from me. CLICK HERE TO BUY

Let me know if you've read anything good lately guys!

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