Saturday 15 December 2018

Christmas with VQ

It's almost Christmas and I think this is the last of my 'Christmas with' posts - and this time it's with VQ, who sell beautiful radios. Tech is such a solid Christmas gift idea, because often it can be quite pricey and people might not want to spend that on themselves but would be delighted with it as a gift. Hair straighteners, a tablet or e-reader, speakers... the list goes on! But when VQ offered to send me a radio, I was over the moon. We always have the radio on in the kitchen and it's just such a staple in our family life, so when we recently relinquished our radio to my gran we really missed it - VQ saved the day!

VQ rosie-lee radio

I received the gorgeous Rosie-Lee Smart Radio & Bluetooth Speaker; it retails for £129.99 and comes in 5 colour ways. Mine is the 'Grey & Green Grass Oak' and it's beautiful. It looks so classy with it's leather and wood combination, and it was so easy to set up and find a station I wanted to listen to, and I'm just made up with it. I don't think the price tag is too bad either, because it doubles as a Bluetooth speaker with an alarm feature and 60 presets to recall your favourite stations. It has a decent-sized screen on it, which has an auto-dim feature, and you can adjust the sound settings like the bass and treble and stuff. 

VQ rosie-lee radio

VQ do a whole range of radios from ultra-modern to proper retro, as well as accessories such as a power bank and also pretty little compact mirrors that double up as portable phone chargers. They also have patterned radios, designed by Emma Bridgewater, Laura Ashley, Lulu Guinness and Joules which are SO pretty. Any of their radios would make the perfect Christmas gift for your music-loving pals, especially if they're at uni or have just moved into a new house or something!

Huge thanks to VQ for sending me the gorgeous Rosie-Lee; head to their site to check out all of their different radios!

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