Thursday 13 December 2018

Christmas with The Science Museum

The Science Museum, LDN, have recently teamed up with Quentin Blake to bring out a beautiful range of gifts, available both in the museum and online, and I was over the moon to receive some of the bits to share with you all. Science is one of those subjects that a lot of kids struggle with but is really important, so places like the science museum are ideal in helping young people learn things in a different environment and hopefully peaking their interest. The range of Quentin Blake products is stunning, and there's so much choice making it perfect for Christmas gifts for kids and boss stocking fillers for adults, too.

quentin blake collection at the science museum

The best of all, and the one I’ve been using non-stop, is the tote bag. It features Amy Johnson and James Lovelock and it’s just so cute. It’s technically a kids’ tote bag so it’s quite small and the handles aren’t long, but it hasn’t stopped me using it regardless. It’s really well made and would work so well as a school bag for the little ones, or maybe a lunch bag for the grown up ones among us. At a fiver it won’t break the bank either!

quentin blake science museum collection

They also sent me a colouring book which comes with some little coloured pencils – this would definitely work for either kids or adults, because the drawings are fairly intricate. It’s a small but really thoughtful kind of gift, I think, and it’s only £5 so if you’re buying for your child’s friend or your friend’s child, this might be one to go for. Sticking to stationery, sort of, there’s also a ruler which would make a great stocking filler for arty kids – me and my brother would have loved to get something like this when we were little – and a sketch book (£5), which I’m obsessed with. Not that I’ll be sketching in it, but it’s just gorgeous. The ruler is an in-store exclusive.

quentin blake science museum artwork

Last but not least and definitely my second-favourite of the lot is the postcards, a set with all of the drawings from the collection. I plan on sticking these up in my office and I’m so excited to be surrounded by them. Quentin Blake’s artwork was an iconic part of my childhood, and this collection is truly stunning. It features famous and lesser-known scientists, all of whom contributed something brilliant to society in their lifetime – examples. The postcards are such good quality and would make a lovely standalone present for the science-lover in your life – and the art-lover, too! They're 80p each and unfortunately you can't get them online, but if you are London-based then pop in and have a look!

quentin blake colouring book

Thank you SO much to The Science Museum for sending me these beautiful products – the collection is incredible and definitely makes for perfect Christmas gifting.

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