Tuesday 11 December 2018

Christmas with Hamper Lounge

Hampers are a huge part of Christmas - you can spend hundreds of pounds on a fancy one filled with posh sparkling wine and smelly cheese and crunch biscuits, or you can make your own by getting a little wicker basket from Home Bargains and filling it with chocolate bars, Christmas-special flavoured crisps and jars of lemon curd or own-brand Nutella. Either way, hampers make a great Christmas gift and when Hamper Lounge offered to send me one, I couldn't say no.

Their Chocolate Lover Box arrived at my door the other day in a silver box with a ribbon tied around it, and what was inside was just GLORIOUS. Two boxes of assorted chocolates, some Marc De Champagne truffles (they're *actually* pink) and three bars of fancy-looking chocolate in honey, gin & tonic and Earl Grey flavours. I am, through and through, a chocolate lover - and what I like about this box is that you get such a wide variety. Pink truffles that taste like champagne and that you normally get from Liberty or Ocado? Fancy. Dark chocolate that's been flavoured with Earl Grey? Interesting. A milk chocolate selection from House of Dorchester that's perfect for sharing? Nice. Probably won't be getting shared though.

This particular hamper retails for £46.99 plus shipping; this seems extortionate for some chocolate but the RRP of all the products is actually more than that, plus it's conveniently boxed up and nicely presented and delivered to your door. So if you're looking to spoil the chocoholic in your life, something like this could well be the answer. You can also add extra bits to any of the hampers on the site, which I think is a really cool idea - and they don't just do chocolate hampers. There are champagne hampers, wine & spirit hampers, hampers for new little babies and hampers for the home, too.

Hampers are a good gift for the person in your life who has everything, and it allows the recipient to discover new brands or variations of things they already like, which I think is pretty clever! Head to the Hamper Lounge website to discover a whole world of hampers to round off your Christmas shopping.

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