Sunday 9 December 2018

Christmas with British Made Gifts

My Christmas gift guide series went down really well, and I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone for all the support – if you read or shared any of the posts, or clicked any links in them, thanks so much! There were a few bits and bobs that arrived just too late to feature in any of the gift guides, but that I still wanted to showcase. I’ve been well and truly spoilt by some lovely brands in the run up to Christmas, and have been able to spoil my loved ones too, so expect a few more ‘Christmas with…’ posts with some fabulous gift ideas. I also showcase PR samples/gifts on my Instagram stories when they arrive, so if that’s something you’re interested in then you can follow me over there (it’s @katy.gilroy) and keep your eyes peeled.

affordable personalised photo blanket

British Made Gifts do a huge range of affordable personalised gifts, from aprons to bar runners to cushions, and they offered to send me a personalised blanket. I thought about it for a while, and realised I own about 7 blankets but I knew just the people who would love it. My brother recently got engaged, and his fiancĂ© has the most gorgeous little boy called Sean. They’re a fab little trio, and I thought it would be lovely to surprise them with a blanket with all of their faces on. I chose the neutral gingham blanket as it was least likely to clash with any decor, and you can choose 12 pictures and some text (in your choice of font) to be printed on.

cheap personalised photo blanket

I scoured Facebook for the cutest photos of Sean and of them as a family, and it was so easy to upload them to the British Made Gifts site and position them within each square on the blanket. I then added the text I wanted, which was just their names, and voila – my design was ready. I checked out and waited for it to arrive, and I was absolutely over the moon with it when it got here. Sometimes with printed photo gifts, the pictures can go blurry or pixelated (especially when, like these ones, they’ve just been taken on an iPhone!) but these are so crisp and clear. The blanket itself is soft and thick and really big, a proper warm throw for when you’re watching films on the sofa with a bag of popcorn and a mug of hot chocolate.

They absolutely loved it, too; personalised gifts or a personalised Christmas card are incredibly special, because for example you know nobody else in the world has this exact blanket and it’s something they can keep forever. A personalised photo blanket will set you back a mere £22 and if you order it before the 17th December it’ll arrive in time for Christmas. Huge thanks to British Made Gifts for letting me spoil my favourite people with such a gorgeous gift.

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