Wednesday 4 July 2018

My everyday make up routine

I am, in all honesty, not that great at make up - I can't do a cut crease or decent contour to save my life, but I get by. And I can just about do a full face in around 15 minutes; I've been really liking how my make-up looks lately so I thought I'd run through my everyday make up routine, in case you happen to be interested in what products are on my face these days.

After doing skincare, I've been going in with the ARK Skin Protector Primer which I've reviewed before, and didn't completely love back then - I like it a lot more now, and I'm dreading the day it runs out. Next I'll do a bit of concealing and colour-correcting where needs be, with a combination of various Collection concealers, and then it's time for the crowning glory of my make up collection: my favourite EVER foundation, the Catrice 24h Made to Stay. I love it, and normally stock up when I'm abroad but since I've not been away for ages, I ordered some recently online because I'd run out. It's genuinely amazing: the perfect amount of coverage, long-lasting, not too matte or too glowy. Love it.

If I'm looking a bit too dewy (mostly if it's dead hot out) then I very lightly dust my face with the Clarins loose mineral powder, which is the only powder I own and it does the job, though when it runs out I'll definitely opt for something cheaper. I use Hoola bronzer from Benefit around the perimeter of my face and under my cheek bones, just gently, and for blusher I'm loving Strange New Worlds from the MAC Star Trek collection, which is just sooooo pretty. My highlight is the paler shade from the new Glow-y Gossamer Duo by Pixi.

I then use the darker shade from the Pixi duo on my eyes with a fluffy brush, because even though it's a highlighter I find Pixi's products are all so versatile and it was so easy to blend on my lids. For my brows I use the 'I Heart Revolution I Tint My Brows' which is excessive as product names go, but truly the most wonderful cheap and cheerful make-up product I own. It's my go-to brow product, and one tube lasts for months on end plus it's so easy to use. You can use it alone or to set powder, and it only costs £2. And it's vegan and cruelty free, if that's something you look for in make up. For mascara I've been loving the Volume mascara from Essence's Lash Princess range - all the mascaras in that range are brilliant and they're only around three quid.

To finish off, I drench my face in the Urban Decay setting spray, which smells a bit weird but is pretty much a cult product - it's not my favourite setting spray, but it is brilliant. And then I rifle through my somewhat excessive lipstick collection to find one that matches my outfit/the occasion - this is the Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lipstick in Au Naturelle which is really pretty. I love these lipsticks because they smell like a Terry's chocolate orange, they dry really quickly/comfortably and the applicator is a really specific shape that makes it so easy to apply.

So that's the make up I've been loving recently; what do you have in your every day make up routine?

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