Friday 29 June 2018

My Airbnb top tips

I've stayed in many an Airbnb now, and I've always been really lucky with where I've ended up - Poland, Latvia, the Czech Republic, it's always been absolutely fine. And it really does feel like you're experiencing your destination more like a local than as a tourist, which I love. So I thought, seeing as I've always had a bit of luck with it, I'd share my Airbnb top tips with y'all just in case you're still a bit sceptical...

My first tip would be to go for an 'entire home', unless you're travelling on a super tight budget in which case staying in a room in somebody's house might be an option for you. Personally it's not something I've ever felt 100% comfortable with, not because I'm worried that I'd be in danger but mostly because I find small talk really boring and I'd be paranoid about making too much noise/coming in too late/not being able to use the bathroom when I want to. So I always go for the 'entire home' option and mostly end up in a little apartment which suits me just fine.

Remember to put your dates in before you start looking, which may seem obvious but you don't have to do so in order to see the properties they have in whichever city you're looking at, so sometimes I forget to do this and then fall in love with a beautiful place only for it to be fully booked on my dates. It also helps to put in the right number of guests before you search, too, because sometimes they'll charge more if you have more people - sometimes they don't, but you never know and it's a way of avoiding extra unexpected costs.

Sign up through somebody's link! Not necessarily mine ( but anyone's, because you'll get £25 off your first trip of £55 or more, and whoever you're signing up through gets £15 travel credit too, so it's a win-win. And then you've got your own link to share with your friends and family, so you can get more money off in the future. Wonderful.

Again, this one might sound pretty obvious but make sure to read the reviews before you book - I always tend to read the reviews before I look through all the pictures, just in case I think *this is the one* and then find out that it's hours away from anywhere (that map is deceiving) or has no lock on the door. This is important because you don't get the exact address until you book, so it helps to read the reviews and get a feel for how far away the apartment/house is from, for example, the city centre. You can also message the host to ask for the address before you book, if you really want to be sure exactly how close to places you would be.

Use the filters, too, to tailor the property to suit you: do you want a pool, somewhere you can take your pet, free parking? You can narrow down the language of the Airbnb host (the person who owns the property) and opt to only see places that offer a free cancellation. The site is pretty user-friendly, as it goes.

So there's my Airbnb tips - if you've never used it before then give it a go, because quite often it woks out cheaper than staying in a hotel. If you're an Airbnb regular and you have any more tips, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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  1. This was super interesting. I rarely use Airbnb but I'll keep some of this in mind.

    S .x