Thursday 5 July 2018

Celebrating National Bikini Day with UK Swimwear // AD

Today is my birthday but also National Bikini Day, so I thought I'd share a bit of a bikini/swimwear wishlist because it's been ages since I did any sort of fashion wishlist post and I think they're so much fun to put together. Tragically I'm not going on a beach holiday this year unless I win the lottery, but if I was I'd definitely have bought some of these by now. National Bikini Day has been 'a thing' since waaaay back in 1946 when Louis Reard created a celebration around the new two-piece design in order to try and popularise it. And clearly, it worked...

Let's face it, bikinis are iconic - from Princess Leia in that gold one to Marilyn Monroe in her white high-waisted beauty, everybody loves a good bikini. And fuck the marketing that urges you to be "bikini body ready" or whatever else by slimming down or toning up; if you want to wear a bikini, just do it. If you're rather wear a one-piece, bloody do it. It's summer, it's hot, don't let people shame you into covering up. And with that out the way, here's the bikinis on my wishlist right now...

The first is this adorable frilly floral set from Primark - it's £6 for the top and £4 for the bottoms and I just think it's so cute. The shape of the top is fairly unusual and I think that just makes it even better. For a tenner, you can't go wrong! The rainbow striped bikini, which is a really simple shape but just a gorgeous pattern, is £26 from Topshop; it's expensive but it's just sooooo cool. I love this orange and white halterneck bikini from UK Swimwear, too, which is pricey but looks absolutely stunning. The pattern is lush and so's the shape, and it looks as though it would be really good quality.

As well as bikinis, I had to include this amazing yellow leopard print one-piece from Boohoo which is only £18 and it looks gorgeous. I like that it's a bit more structured than other swimsuits, and the pattern is really cool. Last but not least is this tropical kimono by Apricot, which is £24 from New Look - I love kimonos/kaftans/cover-ups when I'm on the beach or by the pool, because I burn SO easily and I have to cover up as much as possible. This kind of thing is perfect because the thin material means you don't get too hot, but you won't burn either. What a winner.

So, happy national bikini day, hope you're all enjoying the glorious sunshine (but looking after your skin too!) and also happy birthday to me.

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