Wednesday 7 March 2018

My dream Airbnb stays around the world

I did a dream hotel stays post, but as I mentioned I don't really stay in hotels all that much - I find Airbnb to be cheaper and more convenient, and it does feel like you're experiencing the city you're in a bit more than you would at a chain hotel. So with that in mind, here are my dream Airbnb stays around the world...

air b n b in budapest with slide

Budapest has been on my list for ages, and every time I see this apartment it has my finger hovering over the big red 'book' button before I've even looked at flights. It has a SLIDE in it!!!! It's all white and yellow and pretty tiles and soft cushions, ultra modern and stylish and did I mention it has a slide?! It has everything you could need (and a slide) including WiFi, board games, coffee machine, hair dryer... It look amazing and I reaaaalllly wanna stay here. It sleeps four so if anyone fancies it, hit me up - it starts from around 40 quid a night. Obviously Budapest is one of the coolest places ever (from what I've seen) and you can go into the caves where Count Dracula was imprisoned.

air b n b treehouse in florence italy

This treehouse is so cute, and I've never even been in a treehouse let alone slept in one - this is in Florence and the views look incredible. Imagine waking up to all that greenery and mountains? It has a fire place and air con, so it's perfect whatever the weather, as well as the usual bedroom/kitchen/bathroom/terrace and the communal swimming pool, tennis court, BBQ and washing machine/dryer. It's expensive, almost £200 a night, but it's a treehouse in the Italian mountains so that's a given, really. It's just so pretty - and Florence has soooo many cool things to do, including the oldest operating pharmacy in the world and all the sites of Dan Brown's Inferno so when you next watch the movie, you can shout BEEN THERE like I do when I watch Angels and Demons.

air b n b plus in chicago with roof top deck

Chicago is somewhere I'm dying to visit and I love this apartment - exposed brick, memory foam mattress, rooftop deck... This aesthetics are cool and it's an Airbnb Plus, which I think just means it's better than other Airbnb places, and it's not particularly expensive at £33 a night (it does go up to around £80 but even so, for somewhere as cool as this that's not too bad). Chicago is the home of the Obamas' first kiss, which is memorialised with a little rock on the site of what used to be an ice cream shop where the pair of dreamboats had their first date.

stay in a castle in the loire valley france with air b n b

One thing Airbnb has loads of is castles (!!!) and who wouldn't want to stay in a castle? This one in the Loire Valley is gorgeous, and I've visited this part of France before (and loved it) - it's huge, meaning you can split the cost and go as an entire group if you wanted to. It's soooo pretty too. It has all the essentials as well as WiFi, a pool and some stunning grounds. P.S the Loire Valley is where the real Sleeping Beauty's castle is, and it's AMAZING.

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  1. These places look so great! I’ve always wanted to stay in a tree-house.

    Saba |

  2. That apartment in Chicago looks amazing!!
    Such a fun post! I'm certainly dreamnig of travels right now
    Gillian xx